Jeanine Grasmeijer - the youngest name in today’s freediving World Records

Published: 13/09/2016

Divine 2 FD.jpg

On the 6th of September, during the Bonaire Deepsea Challenge, Jeanine Grasmeijer validates a new FIM World Record with a dive to 92m. This is the 2nd FIM World Record of Jeanine, after the 90m done in 2013 and, at 23 years old, she is today the youngest athlete with an actual freediving World Record.

Jeanine arrived at the warm-up zone with her coach Liv Philip to prepare for the 9:40 a.m. dive. “She looked relaxed” said judge G. Contreras. “We talked a little bit and she told me she felt very relaxed because the weather and sea conditions were perfect.” The visibility was about 30m; the water temperature was 29°C on the surface and 27°C at the target depth. During the dive “she didn't care so much about the hydrodynamic position; she just wanted to be in a comfortable position”. It took Jeanine 3’46’’ to return to the surface; she did a fast recovery breathing and she finished her surface protocol in 7 seconds. 

The event, Bonaire Deepsea Challenge, registered also 2 Continental Records, 7 National Records plus 2 Guinness World Records for dynamic freediving in the ocean and it had athletes coming from Puerto Rico, Brazil, UK, USA, Russia, Netherlands, Netherland Antilles, Venezuela and Spain. The organizer is planning to offer athletes these beautiful freediving conditions again next year in September.

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