Board meeting report - June 2019

Published: 09/07/2019


Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (“AIDA”)



held on Skype on June 08, 2019 at 7 pm CET


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Mr./Mrs. Carla Hanson, Alexandru Russu, Alex Ursu, Sridar Paramalingam, Uros Kojic, Brian Crossland, Sasa Jeremic and Kostas Madouros attended.


Mrs. Carla Sue Hanson, President of the Executive Board of the Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée welcomed the participants present at the meeting.




  1. Setting up of a bank account in Switzerland in favor of the association
  2. Pay Pal Account
  3. EOS Database
  4. Entering Results by the Organizers
  5. Sport Officer has to send a letter about new problems/rules
  6. Recognition of New Zealand
  7. Education Commission report
  8. Insurance DAN
  9. Pool Championship 2020
  10. Rooms at WC 2019

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  1. Setting up of a bank account in Switzerland in favor of the association and appointment of the Officers with signing authority on the account

We are in negotiation with another Bank in Switzerland (PostFinance).

      Alexandru RUSSU and Sasa JEREMIC will have to send in their details and documents.


  1. Pay Pal Account

For now all the instructors will keep paying their fees via Pay Pal. For a few instructors there has to be a different solution, since they cannot have a Pay Pal Account.


  1. EOS Database

Everything is on schedule.


  1. Entering Results by the Organizers

Competition organizers who do not comply with uploading competition results will be given a warning and if it occurs again they will be punished. The penalty has to be formalized. A lot of the organizers do not know the rules which makes the process hard. The Board has to inform the organizers about what they have to do. Sasa will make a to do list for organizers.


  1. Sport Officer has to send a letter about new problems/rules during the WC 2019

The WC 2019 in France is facing a few challenges due to restrictions by French Law. The Sports Officer Uros Kojic has to send out a letter to everyone about all the points which are different to regular AIDA Competitions. Athletes get their money back if registered athletes decide to pull out of the competition (under age, use of oxygen). Next time we have to know about the rules and law which the organizers want to/have to comply with. Uros and Carla will plan a meeting this week.


  1. Recognition of New Zealand

New Zealand National has a problem with their president. Can’t register competitions because their president is not doing his job. We have to approve a pool competition and get it on our list.


  1. Education Commission Report

Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and french translations of AIDA4 manual will be issued in the next few weeks. We continue to investigate the instructors involved in the Panglao incident. Brian and Carla to supply latest information to DC for investigation. Request for extra budget for AIDA4 manual translations in Spanish and Russian - Board approved. Request for extra budget for Translation of AIDA 2 and 3 materials into Filipino  - Board Approved.


  1. Insurance DAN

We have received a new Contract from DAN which was changed according to our requests.


  1. Pool Championship 2020

Fully financed Championship in ???. We haven’t asked for bids yet. We have to do this according to the rules. We have to send out the requests for bids within the next ten days.


  1. Room for WC 2019

The Board has to decide about covering expenses for the board members who are attending the WC 2019. We will vote by mail.


No further issues were put forward.



* * * * *


Since there were no other questions and all agenda items had been gone through, the President thanked all persons for their attendance and participation and closed the Meeting at 8:30 pm



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