Meet Flora Fan: An AIDA Master Instructor located in Cebu, Philippines

Published: 15/12/2021

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How did you get introduced to freediving?

I first started freediving in 2017. Before that I had been a college lecturer for over four years. Life had seemed stable and predictable until I saw a YouTube video featuring a couple sailing around the world and spearfishing. After that, my husband, Joe, and I decided to learn how to freedive and we loved it so much that we both quit our jobs and moved to Cebu, Philippines to embark on our new careers as freediving instructors.

What is your favorite thing about freediving?

I like freediving for many reasons. The first is for the sense of serenity underwater. If scuba diving tranquilizes us with the rhythm of the bubbles, freediving brings us utter peace of mind. Every second is extended, and we can feel at one with ourselves. We’re used to the fast pace of urban life and often disregard caring for our bodies, but it’s the opposite underwater. The body is the only thing we focus on, it’s a treasure to ourselves.

Another reason I like freediving is for the physical fitness and for the inner peace and growth I find in myself. I don’t see freediving as a competition, but rather a personal growth.


AIDA is a professional freediving organization that is accessible to everyone interested in the sport. It organizes world competitions and is dedicated to popularizing freediving to people from all walks of life.

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