AIDA Launches New Anti-Doping Webpage!

Published: 20/11/2023

Screenshot 2023-11-20 164857.png

Since 2003, AIDA has always promoted clean sport with strict anti-doping policies in place. Since August 2023, AIDA has been working with Clean Games, an independent anti-doping organization recognized by WADA, and AIDA Anti-Doping Manager Prof. Dr. Nenad Dikic, to assess AIDA’s approach to anti-doping and provide insight on how to improve the anti-doping strategy in the face of new potential challenges that come with the development of the sport. 

To strengthen its anti-doping position, AIDA is planning to:

  • Update all AIDA documents and procedures to meet WADA standards and begin the process of becoming a WADA signatory
  • Certify the first AIDA Doping Officers by the end of the year
  • Introduce online anti-doping education for athletes, specifically for freediving
  • new webpage is now available on the AIDA website dedicated to anti-doping, where it will be possible to check if medications or supplements contain substances found on the official WADA ban list.

For any upcoming competitions, AIDA recommends athletes taking medications or supplements to check regularly with their doctor to see if they are on any updated lists of prohibited substances. Additionally, all requests for therapeutic use exemption must be sent to AIDA before any competition with proper medical documentation. 

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