Board meeting report - May 2020

Published: 04/09/2020

AIDA board meeting – 10/05/20 



- COSENTINO Marco (Chief of safety)                   

- CROSSLAND Brian (Acting Education officer)    

- JEREMIC Sasa (Treasurer)                                      

- KOJIC Uros (Sport officer)                                      

- MADOUROS Kostas (Media Officer)                   

- PEAN Philippe (Secretary) 

- MELIKHOV Oleg (Medical officer) 

- RUSSU Alexandru (President) 

- SIDOROVA Olga (Judge Responsible) 

- URSU-VLAGEA Alexandru (IT Officer) 


Selection of candidates for the admin positions:  

  • AIDA received many applications and we would like to thank everyone for this. The Board discussed the main selection criteria including covering the maximum number of languages, recommendations for reliability, etc.  and selected two candidates: Hiroshi Ryu and Maja Wisniewska. 


Medical recommendations: 

  • The AIDA Medical Committee presented Standard Medical Rescue Protocol and received the Board approval to proceed with the project in support for the AIDA organizers  The Medical Officer has proposed to create an addition to the ADA Medical Statement form, giving more information to physicians who would not be aware of specific conditions risks for freediving and the Board showed support for the initiative 


Disciplinary Cases 

2 cases were discussed by the Board on Sunday  

  • A harassment complaint from a student against an AIDA Instructor has been transferred by AIDA Canada to the BoardThe DC investigated the case and is expected now to recommend the appropriate sanctions. 


  • AIDA Hellas requested the opening of a disciplinary investigation concerning training results that have been presented as official competition results. AIDA Disciplinary Committee investigated the case and confirmed the accusations. The board agreed for following sanctions to take effect as of today :  
  • year suspension for the main judge 
  • Warning for the rest of the jury  
  • The organizer, is placed under the supervision of a third party (main Judge, or any other AIDA member) concerning all aspects of the competition that are related to the AIDA rules for his next event.  
  • The training results have been removed from the ranking  


 AIDA shared vision  

Following-up on the priorities presented for the president election in March, Alex is working with a consultant towards the creation of a shared vision in AIDA and he now requested the feed-back of the board members who attended the 1-to-1 meetings with the consultant.  Uros, Sasa and Philippe gave a positive feed-back and confirm their interest to continue with the proposed plan. 


T-shirts & Rushgards.  

  • New judges clothes have been produced and are now transferred to a warehouse suitable for expeditions. 


Tribute to Carla  

Due to the actual lack of visibility over the evolution of the Covid19 pandemic the Board agreed to delay decision of maintain, reducing the investment or totally cancelling the event for the June board meeting. 


Next Assembly vote and applications request 

  • The vice-president position will be sent to vote next week together with the direct organization of the AIDA World Championships by AIDADuring the time window of this votewe will receive applications for the Education Officer position.  


Online education 

  • The need for an AIDA 2 online adaptation has been discussed by the board and approved (pending buget vote). A contract will be established with the contractor 


AIDA Safety course:  

With the scope of introducing some minimum safety standards for all AIDA comps, Alex proposed a long term plan to introduce for the safety freedivers the same system as we have today for ensuring the judging standards (mandatory skill validation/certification and 4 levels of promotion based on the accumulated experience  - some levels will only be allowed to do safety in the regular comps and the top levels will be mandatory for the AIDA World Championship). The Board is also considering renewing the safety course that will help deploying this project. We are requesting application from the volunteers or the professionals who are willing to contribute to the update of the course. 


The current partnership with DAN has been discussed, including how to value this collaboration and Sasa offered to take over the role of maintaining and improving the collaboration between the 2 organisations  


AIDA Board  


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