AIDA Spotlight - Meet Sophie Perolari: AIDA Instructor from the Seychelles

Published: 26/11/2021

211122_AIDA Spotlight - Sophie Perolari.png

Sophie is a young ocean enthusiast, videographer and AIDA Instructor. From a very young age, she has spent most of her time exploring and freediving around the pristine coasts of the Seychelles Islands. Her favourite thing about freediving is connecting with marine animals. She also believes that one of the reasons why she freedives is because "it is the only time where I feel like time is non-existent."

In 2020, she went to Dahab, Egypt where she trained with Dahab Freedivers and obtained her AIDA Freediving Instructor certificate. She chose AIDA because she found it to be the most internationally recognized freediving organization and because she favoured the AIDA safety standards and education.

Sophie who is an all-time lover of the sea and environment ventures to share her knowledge and inspire others to fall in love and connect with the underwater world. Since becoming an official AIDA Instructor, Sophie has opened her own freediving school in the Seychelles Archipelago called Freediving Seychelles

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