An Educational Weekend at the Freediving Forum 2021

Published: 10/12/2021


The 2nd International Medical & Science Conference – also referred to as the Freediving Forum 2021 (FDF21) – took place from 3 to 5 December in Tarusa, Russia, under the auspices of AIDA.

Seventy freedivers attended this non-profit event aimed to provide the international freediving community with an opportunity to meet each other and share ideas on topics such as:

  • Development of Freediving Community
  • Medicine & Science in Freediving
  • Depth Training
  • Pool Training
  • Safety Aspects of Freediving in a Challenging Environment
  • Business of Freediving 
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Neuropsychology of Freediving

Each afternoon attendees participated in master classes presented by leading athletes and instructors. The speakers and trainers present were:

  • Alexandr Dudov - Yoga and Meditation Instructor
  • Alexey Molchanov - Multiple World Champion and World Record Holder
  • Eugenia Karavan - Founder and CEO “DMGlobal,” Business Trainer
  • Yulia Koniukhovskaia - Clinical Psychologist
  • Alexandr Kostyshen - World Champion and World Record Holder
  • Vitomir Marichcich - World Champion and World Record Holder 
  • Olga Markina - National Champion and Guinness Record Holder
  • Andrey Matveenko - World Champion
  • Oleg Melikhov - Medical & Science Officer, AIDA International
  • Marina Romanova - Multiple National Champion
  • Eugeny Sychev - Russian Freediving Team.

“The event was a great success, and we are looking forward to hosting the 3rd International Medical & Science Conference ub Rijeka, Croatia next year, COVID-19 measures permitting.” Said Oleg Melikhov, AIDA Medical & Science Officer.

Learn more about the FDF21 on the official website:

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