AIDA Members Receive 10% Off BESTDIVE Suits in 2022

Published: 19/04/2022

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BESTDIVE is now offering 10% off for all the AIDA Members on orders for the S.C.S Showchi and Zero Resistance suits with code 2022032023. Discount applies until the end of 2022.

About the S.C.S Showchi

The BESTDIVE S.C.S Showchi Suit is made with a streamlined cut and YAMAMOTO Smooth Skin fabric to fit each body “seamlessly”. You can choose from a range of 11 stocked colors to create your own design with different color combinations. World Champion freedivers, Alenka Artnik and Jennifer Wendland use the BESTDIVE S.C.S Showchi suit when training and in competitions.

“I have had many suits in my life, but just by touching this, I was like ‘this is the suit’”. - Alenka Artnik

S.C.S. Showchi Women:
S.C.S. Showchi Men:

About the Zero Resistance 

The BESTDIVE Zero Resistance Suit is designed for professional athletes to use in the competition dives. The YAMAMOTO Smooth Skin material supports a superior performance underwater. BESTDIVE uses a 3D ergonomic cutting technique to give the suit a greater fit and better mobility. The thin 0.5-1mm neoprene material keeps the buoyancy minimal in the water to reduce added weight. This type of suit is super lightweight and best used when traveling.

“In all of 2019, I wore BESTDIVE’s 0.5mm zero resistance wetsuit in six freediving competitions. It’s a great feeling to be more connected with my body.” – Jessea Lu

Zero Resistance Women:
Zero Resistance Men:


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