31st AIDA Freediving World Championship Concludes

Published: 30/09/2023

After eight days of events, the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship has come to a successful end. 

Throughout the competition, the weather remained sunny and clear, allowing the athletes to compete at their best in optimum conditions, with a current only appearing on the final days.  

The highlights of the competition were the two new AIDA World Records set by Alexey Molchanov (INT) in Constant Weight BiFins (CWTB) and Constant Weight (CWT) with a 123m and 136m dive respectively, and the AIDA World Record set by Petar Klovar (CRO) in Free Immersion (FIM) with a 135m dive.

Two new AIDA Continental Record were set in Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB) by Enchante Gallardo (USA) with a 90m dive and Jung A Kim (KOR) with a 94m dive, in addition to the 47 total new AIDA National Records set throughout the competition in all four disciplines.

Athletes Jung A Kim (KOR) and Vitomir Maričić (CRO) earned the most combined points from all four disciplines to be named the overall winners of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship.

Complete replays of each discipline can be found on the AIDA YouTube channel.
Complete competition results can be found here

Women’s Results



  1. Sanda Delija (HVR) – 71m  
  2. Tatiana Zemskikh (INT) – 58m 
  3. Jennifer Wendland (DEU) – 56m 


  1. Marianna Gillespie (FRA) - 95m   
  2. Jung A Kim (KOR) – 94m 
  3. Enchante Gallardo (USA) – 90m – AIDA Continental Record


  1. Fatima Korok (HUN) – 96m
  2. Jung A Kim (KOR) – 86m
  3. Sanda Delija (CRO) – 94m


  1. Jung A Kim (KOR) – 96m
  2. Jennifer Wendland (GER) - 92m 
  3. Qihong Han (CHN) – 92m

Men’s Results


  1. Petar Klovar (CRO) – 95m 
  2. Vitomir Maričić (CRO) – 84m  
  3. Gennady Roshchin (INT) - 67m 


1.        Alexey Molchanov (INT) -  123m – AIDA World Record 

2.      Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) -  116m 

3.      Andrey Matveenko (INT) -  111m 


  1. Petar Klovar (CRO) – 135m – AIDA World Record
  2. Vitomir Maričić (CRO) – 123m 
  3. Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) – 116m  


1.        Alexey Molchanov (INT) – 136m – AIDA World Record

2.      Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) – 116m

3.      Fabio Tunno (GER) – 109m

Overall Results


1.        Jung A Kim (KOR)

2.      Sanda Delija (CRO)

3.      Irena Vanova (CZE)


1.        Vitomir Maričić (CRO)

2.      Petar Klovar (CRO)

3.      Fabio Tunno (GER)


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