Board Meeting Report - November 2017

Published: 10/12/2017


Carla Sue Hanson               (11/11)

Alexandru Russu                 (11/11)

Jean-Pol Francois                 (8/11)

Antero Joki                          (5/11)

Uros Kojic                            (9/11)

Vedran Milat                         (7/11)

Alexandru Ursu-Vlagea (IT Officer)

Oleg Melikov (Medical Officer)

Dennys Rylov (Media Officer)

Christian Foetinger (Judge Responsible)


The Board voted to approve two new IT candidates: MJ Kuhn and Marick le Hérissé. Congratulations to our new ITs!

The Board approved the 2016 financial report and released it for the Assembly vot

The Board approved 700€ for the trip of Antero to Austria to represent AIDA at the next EUF meeting.

Vedran presented the overall balance for the AIDA Bank and PayPall account. Alex requested also the bank statements to be made available to the Board and it has been decided the bank statements to be uploaded by Vedran on the AIDA DropBox

The announced deadline for 2018 WCh applications arrived and the board released for the Assembly vote the two proposals received for the Pool WC. No application for the Team WCh has been received and we only had an informal proposition for an event hosted in Greece. Due to the difficulties of the last years to gather athletes for the Team WC the Board is suggesting to revise the format of the event to be more attractive and is asking now the input of the Assembly. Please send your suggestions  

Alex suggested to ask France and Russia to work together on the 2018 budget project so AIDA can benefit from the diversity of ideas their national representatives actively defended for the last months and the Board agreed.   

The Education Office proposed the increase of the certification fees and the Board suggested to improve first the services provided and only then to increase the certification fees. For a concrete example of service improvements Alex suggested the development of the online learning during the next year and the majority of the Board agreed. 

JP suggested AIDA to make a contract with a sponsor agency to find money for the competition system. The Board agreed in principle and is asking for volunteers to search sponsor agencies. 

Carla and JP brought into discussion the suggestion of some athletes to increase of the competition start fees from 2€ to 10-20€, but the Board had split opinions on this matter, so we are asking the input of the Assembly. 

The Board decided to approve the shortening of Denys Rylov's judge status suspension* with 3 days to support the Rigga pool competition from the 10th of February. (*1 year suspension after the depth setting incident from the 2016 Depth WC)



- Each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

- The Board Meetings will take place the first Sunday of every month at 4pm UTC/GMT.

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