Assembly vote results August 30, 2018 (location of the 2019 AIDA World Championship, new members, etc)

Published: 03/09/2018

Start of vote: August 20 th 2018 11:11 CET
End of vote: August 30 th 2018 10:00 CET

The vote was initiated via email sent out by Uros Kojic, Sport Officer

The vote counters for this vote were Shelley Gurney and Timothy Oehmigen. The votes have been forwarded from the email address to each vote counter. The automatic response that had been in place to confirm the vote has been received was not activated, and the vote checkers were not aware until the deadline had passed. The 4 countries that submitted their votes past the deadline, however, were notified that their votes were not counted. Furthermore, the votes submitted during the active period were counted individually and cross-checked by both vote counters to eliminate individual mistakes.

The outcome of the eligible votes* was ratified on the evening of September 3, 2018 (NZST) with the following results

1. Please vote on the location of the 2019 AIDA Depth World Championship: Nice - France: 12 , Roatan - Honduras: 3

2. Do you accept Belarus as Observer member? Yes 14: No 0 : Abstain 1

3. Do you accept Colombia as AIDA Member? Yes 14: No 0 : Abstain 1

4. Do you accept Singapore as AIDA Member? Yes 14: No 0 : Abstain 1

5. Do you accept Portugal as AIDA Member? Yes 14: No 0 : Abstain 1

6. Do you accept Philippines as AIDA Member? Yes 14: No 0 : Abstain 1

7. Do you approve to replace the current secretary due to inability to perform essential duties ( in accordance with Aida statute 6.3 Removal of Officers. The Assembly may, by majority vote, remove any Officer for due cause; in the event of such removal, the Assembly may vote to appoint another person to such position for the remainder of the original term). Yes 13: No 1 : Abstain 1

*Eligible votes are counted from Full Assembly members. Of the 25 votes cast, the AIDA International page only notes 15 as full members. The vote counters are aware that these numbers may be incorrect, but this is the reference we were given for checking eligibility. It has been acknowledged by the Board, but due to the current situation - the list has not be kept updated.
The following are the 25 countries who submitted their votes within the prescribed time. Those in bold are noted on the AIDA International page as full members, and their votes were counted accordingly.
Participated countries (25/50 – participation rate:50%)
Eligible countries (15/21 - participation rate: 71%)
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, AIDA Canada, China , Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece,
Japan, Latvia, New Zealand , Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, UAE,
UK , Venezuela

We certify that the election took place under fair conditions and that the counting of the votes has been done to the best of our beliefs.

Shelley Gurney     and     Timothy Oehmigen

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