Board Meeting Report - October 2017

Published: 06/11/2017


Carla Sue Hanson               (10/10)

Alexandru Russu                 (10/10)

Jean-Pol Francois                 (7/10)

Antero Joki                          (4/10)

Oleg Melikov (Medical Officer)

Dennys Rylov (Media Officer)

Christian Foetinger (Judge Responsible)



Uros Kojic                           (8/10)

Vedran Milat                       (6/10)

Vice President                     (5/10)




  1. Promotions: Sendoh Wang (China) has been promoted Instructor Trainer and Serov Alexey (Russia) has been promoted Judge level D


  1. 2016 Financial reports: the documents have been received by the Board and are presently under evaluation before an Assembly vote request


  1. The Board acknowledged that no proposals have been received for hosting the 2018 Team World Championship. If no offers are received by the end of the month an internal work group will be created to evaluate the level of interest for continuing the Team WC in the present format. Alternative possibilities include: changing the format or eliminating Team for another event(s) such as regional championships sponsored by Aida. All are encouraged to contact Aida with suggestions or comments.


  1. A new IT provider has been tested with a small project to finalize some fixes pending from last year: cancel the points of the red card results in the ranking, arrange the events in chronological order on the judge profiles, mark the name of the user approving/disapproving events and re-arrange the displayed invoices for the Treasurer.


  1. Alex suggested generalizing the actual financial compensation for all work in projects/services requested by the Assembly to introduce responsibility and time awareness in the way work is done inside AIDA. The discussion is open for the Assembly, so please share your thoughts


  1. The Board was surprised to discover the existence of an unauthorised AIDA web-shop and decided to ask for this site to be closed until verification can be made. Carla will investigate and report back to the Board.


  1. Carla reminded the Board of the suggestion by various parties to increase the € 2 start fees for the competition organizers. Jean-Pol proposed 10 €/start for the pool competitions and 20 €/start for depth competitions. The Assembly is requested to send input regarding this matter.


  1. Denys (Media/PR Officer) suggested to start social media advertising for around 60 USD/month and the Board agreed


  1. Oleg (Medical Officer) proposed the creation of 7 work groups as described in this document: and is asking the interested volunteers to contact him at:


  1. Christian (Judge Responsible) proposed modifications to the Judge IOP and created a work group to finalize a proposal for the Assembly vote


  1. For the Pool WCh we received only one application until this point and we would like to remind potential organizers to send their applications. The deadline is at the end of this month and the Assembly will receive the proposals for vote beginning November.


  1. Special Vote request: Carla mentioned there are additional procedural requirements including two distinct votes for changing the statutes and also an issue with the formulation of the vote request in order for a Special Assembly vote to be initiated. The nationals who requested the vote will be informed of the procedure and how to proceed with the process.





- each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

- the Board Meetings will take place the first Sunday of every month at 4pm UTC/GMT.


To access all previous Board meeting reports, please check the News section of our website:

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