AIDA Board meeting - February 2017

Published: 21/02/2017

Attending: Carla Sue Hanson (2/2)
Vedran Milat (2/2)
Uros Kojic (2/2)
Jean-Pol Francois (2/2)
Alexandru Russu (2/2)
Mario Zuzic - texting (2/2)


Non-executive Officers election:

The Board agreed to enlarge the team and take all the help proposed by the applicants. In the Judge Responsible office we’ll have the team Petar/Cedric with eventual support from Gaby Coste; at the Medical&Science Office we’ll have Irina Zelenkova, Oleg Melikhov and Frederic Lemaitre (each one will be responsible for the projects they announced in their applications and they chose to manage); for the IT Office we’ll have the addition of Alexandru Ursu-Vlagea and for the Media/PR Office, Denis Rylov. Claude Chapuis has been appointed to manage the project for an eventual collaboration between AIDA and Diveye. Valdemar Karlsson has been appointed to manage the ranking project (fix the errors and keep it up to date).


Judge promotion

Petar prepared list of 16 judges for promotion at all levels, but due to the serious problems seen on the depth competitions (e.g. the repetitive line setting mistakes at the WChs), it has been decided to propose first to the Assembly a separation between pool and depth Judges (introduce depth specific requirements for all levels of “depth judges”) For not delaying much the promotions, Petar, Carla and Alex will work to send out this proposal in one week and we’ll allow another 10 days for the Assembly vote to finish it before the end of the month



Two new Instructor Trainer candidates from Taiwan and Ukraine contacted the Education Officer for starting the application procedures


Support for China

A new member in the Education Commission, Ning-Ning has been appointed to provide support for the Chinese speaking freedivers


Roatan WCh

-Regular conf-calls are being organized (2 already done) to follow-up and support the organization of the World Championship.

- Petar will send a request for the WCh Jury applications on Monday and on Friday (10th of Feb) we’ll send the vote request to the Assembly. 10 days will be allowed for the vote and on the 20st of February we’ll know the Jury

-The elected judges will be required to take part to the work-group for the WCh organization.


AIDA financials:

-Vedran will send now to the Assembly the 2015 financial statement and 2017 budget for vote

-All docs are ready now to file the request for tax exemption in Switzerland and Vedran will do it in a week


Docs centralization:

-Ute will transfer all Sport officer files & videos to Uros who will convert them in numerical form and centralize all data on the new Board cloud storage (since end January the Board acquired a DropBox Business account)

- Alex filed on this centralized storage all available Board decisions and meeting reports since 2015, the docs from all known projects and the available Assembly data (contacts, member application folders with statutes, member lists, etc)



Samples for a 25years anniversary badge and certification cards have been approved by the Board (but, as much as possible we’ll try to incorporate the suggestions of Mario who voted against the presented design)


Competition rules

-In view of the WCh, the Board would like to fix the rules that created problems in the last couple of years and to move faster (also to simplify the Assembly work), only the separate line items will be presented for vote at the first stage (without the full rules document). Based on the result of the vote the full document will be later revised. Carla and Alex are targeting to put together a proposal and send out the vote request in one week


Pending from the 8th of January Board meeting:

- Requirements definition for the EOS2 tender (JP & Mario)

- Price check for education videos on E-lence (JP)

- Instructors list on the website (Mario)

- Estimative cost to include a few IT tools in the 2017 budget vote (Alex)

- Depth judging proposal (Carla)

- Regulations update (Antero)



-each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

-the Board Meetings will take place the first Sunday of every month at 4pm UTC/GMT.

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