Athlete suspension after random doping test

Published: 28/12/2018

The AIDA Executive board decided the suspension of the athlete Mikkel Branth from Denmark who tested positive for doping.

The doping control samples obtained at the World Championship in Belgrade, June 2018, were submitted to the UCLA WADA Olympic testing lab. The UCLA laboratory informed the AIDA Sports Officer on July 24th 2018 that an adverse analytical result was found in the doping sample no. 4300995. The competitor in question was found to be positive for the following banned substances: GW-1516 Sulfoxide and GW-1516 Sulfone, also known as Endurobol.

After consideration of all the facts, the Executive Board decided to follow the advice of the AIDA Disciplinary Commission to suspend the athlete for the duration of two years. This is the minimum penalty according the WADA standards for a first time doping violation with Endurobol. The suspension period is set from the day of the doping test, June 27th 2018 untill June 27th 2020. In addition, the athlete’s results achieved at the World Championships (Belgrade 2018) and any results after the World Championships will not be eligible for the AIDA ranking and will be revoked.

AIDA appeals to all athletes to read all the WADA information regarding banned substances (WADA prohibited list) before using any substances / supplements prescribed or purchased over the counter and / or online. We urge athletes to contact a doping expert for any concerns about a product and / or medication. Furthermore we like to point out that any prescribed medication can be on the banned list but could be eligible for a TUE, more information about TUE is found on the WADA website (WADA TUE information).

For additional questions regarding AIDA’s procedures and policies for anti-doping you can contact the AIDA Medical and Science Committee after reviewing the doping chapter in the AIDA Rules and Regulations for competition (version 16.0) and the AIDA management of anti-doping violations (version 1.0).

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