Judge assistants selection for the WC2019

Published: 06/04/2019

The AIDA International board have choosen Savvas Savva as President and Jean-Pol François as Vice President for the Jury.

Due to an outstanding number of applications for Assistant Judges the Board decided to give active and engaged Judges the chance to gain experience from the upcoming World Championship.

Following Judges were selected to be Assistant Judge and work close with the Jury:

Last name First name Nationality

1 Martelli Philippe   (France)
2 Bozicek Maja   (Slovenia)
3 Zurman Novrita   (UK)
4 Hariri Marwan   (Lebanon)
5 Bongjae Kim   (Korea)
6 Borde Julien   (France)
7 Paul Woodhouse  (UK)
8 Sidorova Olga   (Russia)
9 Moreno Jaime   (Colombia)
10 Folkvord John   (Norway)
11 Koe Francesca   (USA)
12 Cameo Lauren   (Australia)

⚠️ Please be aware that ALL costs for travelling and accommodation have to be carried on your own.

For all details about offers for accommodation and/or meals during the event please contact the organizer (AIDAwc2019).

If you cannot attend please tell us immediatly, so that we give this particular chance to others.

All the best, 
Judge Responsible
AIDA International

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