AIDA Committees

Disciplinary committee

The Disciplinary Committee operates under Disciplinary Committee guidelines which are ratified by the Aida Assembly (Appendix 3, Aida Disciplinary Commission Guideline 2010, see download area).

Education committee

The Education Committee maintains and updates all course materials, requirements, forms and other documents relating to AIDA educational courses (other than those relating to judges, which are managed by the Head of Judges in coordination with the Sport Officer). The Education Committee prepares changes to AIDA's educational course structure, and fees relating to educational courses, to the Executive Board for approval. The Education Committee addresses any cases of potential material breaches of educational standards.

Technical committee

The Technical Committee maintains and updates all competition regulations and technical and safety standards for AIDA (other than those relating to educational courses, which are managed by the Education Committee). Technical Committee and Education Committee meets periodically to identify and resolve any inconsistencies in Aida safety standards. The Technical Committee refers any cases of potential material breaches of AIDA rules or standards to the Disciplinary Committee.

Medical and science committee

The Medical & Science Committee undertakes special projects as are requested by the Executive Board and Assembly, and proposed an annual plan and potential projects to those entities for consideration and approval.