27th AIDA World Championship a Success!

Published: 29/10/2021


After ten days of events, the AIDA Depth World Championship Limassol 2021 came to a close.

Throughout the competition, the weather remained sunny and clear, and only two days of events had to be called off early due to the strong underwater current. Thankfully, by moving the postponed dives to the remaining days and using the planned back-up day on 30 September, all athletes were able to compete.

The highlight of the competition was the setting of a new AIDA World Record by the legendary Alexey Molchanov (RUS) in Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB) with a dive of 115 meters.

French athletes Marianna Gillespie and Abdelatif Alouach earned the most combined points from all four disciplines to receive the Natalia Molchanova Award and be named the overall winners of the 27th AIDA World Championship.  

“This competition could not have taken place without the dedication of our team of volunteers, passionate athletes and our sponsors. Thank you for helping AIDA host a successful 27th World Championship and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!” Said AIDA President Alexandru Russu.

Complete replays of each discipline can be found on the AIDA YouTube channel.

Complete results can be found here

Women’s Results

1) Marianna Gillespie (FRA) – 92m
1) Jennifer Wendland (DEU) – 92m
3)Jung A Kim (KOR) – 82m
3) Alena Konecna (CZE) – 82m


1) Fatima Korok (HUN) – 89m – National Record
2) Alena Konecna (CZE) – 84m – National Record
3) Marianna Gillespie (FRA) – 81m – National Record

1) Marianna Gillespie (FRA) – 98m
2) Alena Konecna (CZE) – 94m
3) Jennifer Wendland (GER) – 91m – National Record

1) Jennifer Wendland (GER) – 58m  
2) Marianna Gillespie (FRA) – 57m  
3) Sanda Delija (HRV) – 55m – National Record

Men’s Results

1) Alexey Molchanov (RUS) – 115m – World Record 
2) Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) – 111m
3) Vitomir Maricic (HRV) – 100m – National Record

1) Alexey Molchanov (RUS) – 118m
2) Petar Klovar (HRV) – 116m – National Record 
3) Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) – 111m

1) Alexey Molchanov (RUS) – 125m
2) Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) – 109m
3) Sergey Zykov (RUS) – 101m  
3) Vitomir Maricic (HRV) – 101m 

1) Vitomir Maricic (HRV) – 81m  
2) Abdelatif Alouach (FRA) – 78m
3) Dean Chaouche (GBR) – 76m 

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