Creation of the Jury Control Committee

Published: 21/04/2021


On 8 April 2021, the AIDA Board voted to create a Jury Control Committee. The purpose of this committee is to ensure the quality control of judge decisions during all official AIDA events.

Regular tasks of committee members include:  

  • Checking the jury decisions systematically for the most important events of the year and review all received complaints. For all other AIDA events, random checks of official cameras will take place.
  • Based on errors found during events, members will provide content for the continuous education of AIDA judges and notify the Technical Committee to address issues in the AIDA rules.
  • Members will notify the jury on errors found, keep track of all incidents, and propose judge penalties to enforce the consistent application of AIDA competition rules.

As of today, 21 April 2021, AIDA is actively seeking qualified candidates to become members of this new committee and ensure the quality control of judge decisions during official AIDA events.

Position Requirements:

  • Must currently be an AIDA judge
  • Be available to regularly dedicate time to committee work and meeting
  •  Be able to complete the committee tasks listed above 

Applications and cover letters can be sent by email to The first selection deadline is 25 April but will be accepted on a rolling basis.

The final AIDA Board vote to approve the Jury Control Committee will be held on 26 April.

Find further information about AIDA committees here.

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