COVID-19 newsletter

Published: 14/06/2020

By June 13, The World Health Organization reported a total of 7 553 182 cases (142 672) in last 24 hours and 423 349 deaths (5 055 by June 13). The pandemic is accelerating in Africa – it took 98 days to reach 100 000 cases and only 18 days to move to 200 000 cases. Ten out of 54 countries are currently driving the rise in numbers, accounting for nearly 80% of all the cases. More than 70% of the deaths are taking place in only five countries: Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and Sudan.

            Scientific information about COVID-19 keep accumulating. If you would like to have better understanding of  the immune responses to coronaviruses we recommend you to go through the  A systematic review of antibody mediated immunity to coronaviruses: antibody kinetics, correlates of protection, and association of antibody responses with severity of disease.

            Undergoing through published research on SARS-CoV-2 we found useful the study of Aerosol and surface stability of SARS-CoV-2 as compared with SARS-CoV-1 led by the Institute of Allergy and Infectious that consisted of 10 experimental conditions involving two viruses (SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-1) in five environmental conditions (aerosols, plastic, stainless steel, copper, and cardboard). All experimental measurements are reported as means across three replicates. Study showed that  SARS-CoV-2 remained viable in aerosols throughout the duration of 3 hours and was more stable on plastic and stainless steel than on copper and cardboard, and viable virus was detected up to 72 hours after application to these surfaces.


For a moment already there are thousands of research publications on COVID-19, but we will keep updating you with the most interesting and ones we are reading.

We wish you stay safe and healthy.


DISCLAIMER: The text above is the review of the information that is publicly available. AIDA International isn’t responsible for assessment and/ or ranking of scientific evidence of presented data. An individual should follow the recommendations of local authorities and treating physician(s).



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