Board Meeting Report - August 2018

Published: 19/08/2018

August Board Meeting Report

August 4, 2018


Attending:                                Absent :

Carla                                           Vedran

Pim                                              Yuriy


Alex R




Items: Doping issue, Team WCh , Competition Rules , Votes to send out , Swiss Registration , Brian DC case, Depth WC proposals for 2019

Yuriy- MIA


Christian reported that the results from the 2010 Team WC are missing. He said we need need judge shirts . Eva can make a design. We will ask Aolin at Aida China for proposal for manufacature also Hans-Jurgen . Pim also said he can check with his source in Egypt. Christian will investigate.  We need rash guards, polos and instructor shirts, caps. White  rash guard for safety.


Uros provided info on the doping case. No info will be made public until we have a clear resolution. A 3 person committee was selected and approved : William Trubridge, Irina Zelenkova, Kimmo Lahtinen.


Carla asked that all  Board comments regarding the Depth WC proposals 2019 be submitted by Wed August 8, 2018 . So that the organizers can be contacted to respond .

Carla also requested the Board to ask Yuriy to resign due to inability to perform the duties of his office of secretary

Vote – approved 


Team WC 2018- Only 3 countries registered teams, so Board will send an email to the Assembly to get a definitive answer on participation. If the Assembly countries are not interested to send athletes to the Team WCh, the event will be cancelled.  Carla will send out the email on Monday August 13


Swiss Registration- everything is in and we are just waiting for the 2017 financial statement to be completed by the accounting firm. Then the file for the registration will be compleated and our Swiss lawyers will proceed.


Assembly Tool- Alex R. noted that Evonomix requested an additional small payment to complete the work. Alex will negotiate on terms and receivables.  Alex also requested that all contracts with outside companies or vendors be submitted  to the Board for approval of the particular conditions stated in the contract.

Vote approved


Informatika (new IT provider we meet in Belgrade) will be asked to present a proposal to code a medical science page on the website .


Carla asked about member status of Canada and DFA- Yuriy not here to answer.  We will need to resolve these problems.


Brian – report :

One instructor has been suspended plus a police inquiry has been made in his country. Should this person also be suspended as a judge? Pim will contact his sources and investigate.

Recreational instructor—need to change this and cancel this status. Instructors would need to be tested for depth in order to qualify.

Vote approve

A new Aida 4 pool course will be considered later- tabled for now.

VWT requirement for Aida 4 need to comply with local laws and we consider making it optional rather than required. Carla to ask Jeremy about legal issues.

French and German translations EOS have been launched .

Need to make a contract for payment of translations of Aida standards and send to the Board for final check before signature.


Suzy will ship remaining stock of shirts to address in Korea- Brian will supply address.


John Folkvord has been submitted for Instructor Trainer promotion

Vote – approve


Brian will send DC to Board for review .


PIm had a skype call with the TC members regarding defining surface protocol and BO policy.

New rules will be in effect Jan 2019 after assembly vote. Grant finalizing English review.

Pim said we need guidelines for quality control in judges and instructors

Online education for judges and annual test and renewal then expand that to EOS. Tutorials and podcasts. Need to get proposal from Informatica for online requirements.


Board discussed hiring an administrative assistant employee to process and manage workload.

We also discussed the need for a toll to distribute emails directly to the members ( all freedivers) Investigate means to do so .


Next meeting will be first weekend of September.

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