AIDA Board meeting - June 2017

Published: 12/06/2017


Carla Sue Hanson                  (6/6)

Uros Kojic                             (6/6)

Mario Zuzic                           (4/6)

Vedran Milat                         (5/6)

Alexandru Russu                   (6/6)

Antero Joki                           (2/6)

Denys Rylov (IMedia/PR Officer)     

Irina Zelenkova (Medical Officer)



Jean-Pol Francois                (5/6)

Mario started the call and informed us he is following-up with Prototyp until the end of the contractual period for delivering the agreed functionalities on the AIDA website

Vedran confirmed receiving the 2016 financial report from the auditors, but there are some areas which still require clarifications before it can be submitted to the Assembly vote. Once the financial report vote will be done, Vedran will resume the process of registration in Switzerland for AIDA as a non-profit organization.

Christian, the new Judge Responsible, introduced himself to the board and informed us he starts by testing the website functionalities related to his function in order to ensure the registration of the new judges and monthly promotions for those who are completing all requirements.

By majority vote, Board decided to put on hold the vote for Russian AIDA national representative until further notice. Board is currently gathering specific information related to the situation and will inform Assembly accordingly as soon as process is completed.

The Board approved a budget of 800€ covering Antero’s trip expenses to represent AIDA at EUF meeting in London this month.

The majority of the Board voted to advance money for the travel of the jury members to Roatan in case the WCh is financially at risk, but further budget info will be gathered before presenting the eventual vote request to the Assembly.

Irina (Medical Officer) informed us the new education materials have been revised by the Medical Commission and the necessary corrections will start being implemented with the support of the Education Commission

Denys (Media/PR Officer) informed us he is willing to start advertising on the AIDA Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts. He presented a social media advertising plan and proposed to start with the WCh promotion. He also provided budgeting info for content creation for the review of the Board



-each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

-the Board Meetings will take place the first Sunday of every month at 5pm UTC/GMT.


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