Vote results January 2018

Published: 21/01/2018

Vote topics : Secretary , Stipend / Salary


Start of election: January 9th 2018 14:00 GMT

End of election: January 19th 2018 14:00  GMT



The outcome of the vote was determined on the evening of January 21st 2018 with following result:

  • AIDA Secretary:

Mr. Rakhmatulin  - 16 Votes

Mr. Kastrinakis - 10 Votes


  • Stipend / Salary:

This vote has been suspended due to concerns raised by nationals for the need of more information and discussion.

Voting countries (26/36 – participation rate: 72.2%):UAE, Serbia, Malaysia, Israel, Brazil, Czech Republic, Canada, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Greece, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland, Netherlands, Great Britain

Abstaining countries (7/36 – abstention rate: 19.4%): Belgium, Cyprus, China, Denmark, France, Mexico, Spain

Invalid Votes (3/36 – rate: 8.3%):USA, Japan, Venezuela


All three invalid votes have been received after the deadline of January 19th 14:00 GMT.

The vote counters for this vote were Shelley Gurney and Timothy Oehmigen. The votes have been forwarded from the email address to each vote counter and all AIDA nationals who participated with a valid vote were informed by the vote counters that their vote has been received. Furthermore, the votes got counted individually and cross-checked by both vote counters to eliminate individual mistakes.

We certify that the election took place under fair conditions and that the counting of the votes has been done to the best of our beliefs.


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