AIDA Announces New Jury Control Committee Members

Published: 10/06/2021

The International Association for the Development of Apnea is pleased to announce its inaugural Jury Control Committee.

The AIDA Board carefully considered each applicant for the available positions and officially approved the following committee members on 24 May 2021:

  • Olga Sidorova (Russia) – AI, Judge Responsible
  • Radoslaw Gaca (Poland) – AI
  • Ekaterina Romanova (Russia) – AI
  • Anne-Louise Fortin (Canada) – C

AIDA has also approved the following lower-level judges as assistants to the committee:

  • Meng Zhong (China) – D/E
  • Youngseok Seol (Korea) – E
  • June Hyuk Lee (Korea) – E
  • Carmelo Franco P. Navarro, Jr. (Philippines) – E

The purpose of the Jury Control Committee is to ensure the quality control of judge decisions during all official AIDA events. Regular tasks of the committee members include:

  • Checking the jury decisions systematically for the most important events of the year and reviewing all received complaints. For all other AIDA events, random checks of official cameras will take place.
  • Providing content for the continuous education of AIDA judges and notifying the Technical Committee to address issues in the AIDA rules, based on errors found at events.
  • Notifying the jury on errors found, keeping track of all incidents, and proposing judge penalties to enforce the consistent application of AIDA competition rules.

The Jury Control Committee officially began its first term in June 2021.

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