AIDA Visits Taiwan

Published: 29/03/2023

In March, AIDA President Alexandru Russu visited Taiwan to meet with members of AIDA Taiwan, the local government and AIDA supporters.

The purpose of the trip was to discuss how freediving can have a positive impact on the environment and develop new initiatives within the country to start making a difference.

The trip included a visit to the DRT Show Taiwan and a meeting with Director Wang Mao-Cheng of the Ocean Affairs Council to discuss the safety of recreational freediving in Taiwan. Followed by a talk with Director Huang Xiangwen of the Ocean Conservation Administration to discuss a potential project to add a marine species sight-reporting system for AIDA Instructors and Judges in Taiwan to help protect endangered marine animals. By having AIDA freedivers report sightings of endangered species, AIDA can help the Taiwanese government gain more knowledge on the evolution of Taiwan`s marine conservation.

From 13-17 March, AIDA Taiwan hosted the AIDA Taiwanese Cup 2023 with technical support and a bottom camera provided by AIDA.

At the end of the trip, AIDA met with AIDA Pool World Championship Jeju 2023 Event Partner ATMOS to learn more about their latest product development and acquired customized software for AIDA`s official gauges and support for the upcoming AIDA World Championships.

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