2016 AIDA Pool World Championships STA finals

Published: 01/07/2016

After validating 9’23” in the qualifications, the Spanish Aleix Segura Vendrell confirms exactly the same performance today during the finals and secures the gold medal despite a late start penaly. With a white card at 9'14" and a difference of only 1 point, Goran Colak gets the 2nd place and on the 3rd place we have the Finish Timo Kinnunen with 8'02"

On the women side, the Czech Gabriela Grezlova was only 1 second shy of 8 minutes, followed by the Japanese girls Yuriko Ichihara with 6'37" and Asumi Kessoku with 6'28".

All results are available here.

Stay tuned for the tomorrow DNF finals. Watch the live broadcast here.

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