AIDA implements two new features to go paperless and facilitate instructor work

Published: 20/12/2021

online exam announcement.jpg

Starting with December 22, a couple of new functionalities will be added to the AIDA Education Online System (EOS)

  • Integration of the Course Completion Form into the online process

On top of eliminating paper, this new integration allows instructors to see the actual results achieved for validating the AIDA2 (e.g. CWT 14m ) and decide if the student needs additional training before being accepted to register in AIDA3 

  • Online Exams as an alternative option to the paper exams

The online exam is available in English for AIDA2 (as an alternative to the paper exam that remains an option).

AIDA3 and 4 online exams will be added shortly after getting your feedback with the use of the actual online exam.

In the final step (probably middle next year) additional development will be initiated to integrate other languages for the exam.


A dedicated instructor meeting will take place after the holidays to go through the process “hand-on” and respond to all initial questions instructors may have after using it during this period.

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