Meet Double K: The Main Sponsor of the AIDA Depth World Championship

Published: 22/09/2021


AIDA is pleased to announce our partnership with Double K, a South Korean freediving equipment manufacturer, for the AIDA Depth World Championship Limassol 2021.

Double K is South Korea’s first freediving brand and specializes in suits, fins, bags and more. The suits are made from an exclusive supply of Yamamoto neoprene and share 11 patents, 14 design registrations and 7 trademarks.

In addition to developing and manufacturing top-quality freediving gear, Double K also seeks to make freediving easy and familiar to every by providing education through instructor training and seminars, as well as hosting indoor and marine competitions.  

Through the AIDA World Championship, a festival of world freedivers, the number of people enjoying free diving is increasing in Korea, and we want to share our joy with divers around the world. Double K is a premium brand for divers that divers communicate and create, and I want to communicate with more divers.” Said a brand representative about Double K’s involvement in the 27th AIDA World Championship.

“As AIDA continues to develop the sport of freediving and expand the reach of our competitions and courses to a broader audience, our association is looking forward to working with Double K and continuing our partnership for years to come.” Said AIDA President, Alex Russu about the new partnership.

Additional information about Double K can be found on their website:


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