Athletes Suspended for Doping

Published: 31/01/2022

Freediving athletes Olga Davydova (RUS), Goran Colak (CRO), and David Čustić (HRV) have tested positive for prohibited substances. Dadydova’s samples were taken for her CMAS freshwater depth world record attempt, Colak’s were taken during the Fazza Freediving Championship in March 2022 and Čustić’s samples were taken at the 10th Free Diving Indoor Championship hosted by CMAS.


These samples were confirmed by specialized laboratories and communicated in December by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS). 


AIDA makes protecting clean athletes from doping one of its top priorities. The AIDA Rules & Regulations states, “Consumption of or use of any WADA or AIDA prohibited performance-enhancing products is expressly forbidden at any time. In the case of any doubt, an AIDA judge has the power to request an anti-doping

 test or other means of investigation.”


Due to the nature of the prohibited substances, AIDA has announced the following sanctions for the AIDA competition circuit: 

-Olga Davydova: suspension from 01/02/2022 to 01/05/2022 for acetazolamide, a diuretic.

-Goran Colak: suspension from 01/02/2022 to 01/02/2023 for atenolol and propranolol, listed under P1. Beta-blockers.

-David Čustić: suspension from 01/02/2022 to 01/02/2023 for dehydrochloromethyl-testosterone


After the suspension period, all suspended athletes will be allowed to continue participation in the AIDA competition circuit. 


Through this decision, AIDA emphasizes the importance of international and interagency cooperation in protecting all athletes and the ethics of sport. 

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