Board meeting report - May 2019

Published: 05/06/2019

Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (“AIDA”)
held on Skype the May 15, 2019 at 8pm UTC

* * * * *

Mr./Mrs. Carla Hanson, Alexandru Russu, Oleg Melikhov, Christian Foetinger, Sridar Paramalingam, Uros Kojic, Brian Crossland attended.

Mrs. Carla Sue HANSON, President of the Executive Board of the Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée welcomed the participants present at the meeting and congratulated Sridar for his election as AIDA Secretary.


1. Setting up of a bank account in Switzerland in favor of the association
2. New volunteers
3. Safety workgroup
4. Approval of Medical Procedure #4
5. Overview of Medical statistics
6. Safety seminars
7. World Championship
8. Competition results
9. IT optimization for JR Office
10. Education Commission report
11. Instructor Trainer cross-over

* * * *

1. Setting up of a bank account in Switzerland in favor of the association and appointment of the Officers with signing authority on the account.

It was agreed that the association will open a bank account in Switzerland as soon as
possible. Alexandru RUSSU, Vice president and Sasa JEREMIC, Treasurer, are given
the power to represent the association for the necessary acts in relation to the opening
of the bank account.
Alexandru RUSSU and Mrs. Sasa JEREMIC have joint signature by two on the
association's bank account.

2. New volunteers

To keep up with the growing work volume, all people who volunteered to help AIDA in
the last period, have been gathered under the supervision of the VP and the VP Office
is now counting over 10 people with a large panel of backgrounds and skills covering
needs in various domains for all the organization.

3. Safety workgroup.

Safety has been identified as priority for our sport since a very long time, but the
structure of AIDA is even older (30 years) and our statutes do not include a dedicated
Safety Office, so the Board decided to create this office informally, as a workgroup,
until new statutes can be voted. New volunteers offered their help for this project and
today we are happy to announce that Marco Consentino and Chris Mc.Kay will work
for the safety of our sport.

4. At the proposal of the Medical Officer, the Medical Procedure #4 has been approved
by the Board as “recommendation” (not mandatory as it will have to be voted in the
rules to become mandatory).

5. The Medical Officer reports that all incident reports from all competitions have been
filled in by the organizers and the current statistics are very reliable.

6. The Medical Officer requested approval for organizing Safety Workshops and the
Board concluded on a necessary coordination with the newly formed Safety Workgroup
(Marco and Chris).

7. The Sport Officer and the Medical Officer presented some organizational options for
the 2020 AIDA Pool World Championship and concluded that a decision should be
taken in the next 1-2 months: requests for local collaborator applications may be sent
to the Assembly towards June-July depending on eventual sponsorship offers.

8. The VP raised the issue of the Competition Results. Even after the implementation of
the new system, the procedures for getting the results on the ranking are still not
followed and for saving the AIDA Ranking, the suggestion was to shift this responsibility
from the Organizer to the Main Judge.
The Board approved it and the JR is now in charge with implementing the change:
The main judge is responsible for verifying the registration of the athletes to all
AIDA Competitions based on the AIDA rules and is also responsible from now-on for the
process related to the official AIDA results.

9. JR noticed competitions where the number of Assistant Judges is bigger than the
number allowed by the rules and proposed to add a limitation also on the IT system to
block any eventual attempts. The proposal was approved.

10. The Education Officer presented the cases of a few instructors under disciplinary
investigations and a case of appeal. After checking the case, the Board dismissed the
appeal (the original decision is confirmed).

11. The Board discussed the necessity of a cross-over procedure for Instructor Trainers.
The Education Officer is waiting suggestions of objective criteria for setting the
procedure and will get back on the subject at the next Board meeting.
No further issues were put forward.

* * * * *

Since there were no other questions and all agenda items had been gone through, the
President thanked all persons for their attendance and participation and closed the Meeting
at 11:30 pm.

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