Board meeting report - July 2020

Published: 16/07/2020

Attending : 

  • President : Alexandru Russu
  • Vice-President : Kimmo Lahtinen
  • Treasurer : Sasa Jeremic
  • Secretary : Philippe Péan
  • Education Officer : Sun Choi
  • Sport Officer : Uros Kojic
  • IT Officer : Alexandru Ursu
  • Medical officer : Oleg Melikhov
  • Judge responsible : Olga Sidorova
  • Administrator : Hiroshi Ryu
  • Administrator : Maja Wisniewska
  • Guest : Savvas Savva


CWBT World record attempt in Nice, France  

 Restrictions on travel are in place now and we’re unsure about the evolution of the restrictions, so it’s safer to choose the judges from EU countries 

  • JR and Sport Officer will propose a team of judges for this event.  
  • Also some judges did not receive the emails (spam folder or missing mail from the distribution list).  Olga will post in the Judge Facebook group to see if we can identify people who did not receive the application request by mail. 


Tribute to Carla event :  

  • Travel restrictions towards Europe are in place now. The situation is changing quickly and remains unpredictable. In these circumstances, taking the risk of a big investment seems unlikely 
  • The Medical officer mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic remains a considerable issue and based on the existing info there is no indication of an improvement of the evolution for September.  

Savvas provided a feedback :   

  • We’re only 2 months away and the number of people, number of days is an urgent decision to make if the event happens.  
  • We should consider no more than 20-25 starts/day and per line to adapt to the weather conditions (the sea is calm in the morning and becomes choppy in the afternoon)   


New Administrators :  Hiroshi & Maja   

Discussion about the trainings of the new administrators and their needs.  

  • IT officer : EOS training was done by Brian but due to internet difficulties it had to be repeated by the IT Officer  
  • Another training will be scheduled next week to cover the administration of the newly released  Youth course 
  • The Education Officer is collecting information to build a knowledge database for EOS administration and starting writing procedures.  


AIDA Youth course 

  • VP Kimmo Lahtinen, suggested to pay specific attention to the expectations of the parents and proposed Loic Vuillemin (experienced in  working with children) to supervise the quality and the evolution of children related offerings.  


Financial situation 

  • Treasurer, Sasa Jeremic informed the Board on the financial situation and uploaded all related documents on the AIDA server.  
  • Details about double signature for the Paypal and the bank account payments were discussed.  


Disciplinary Committee  

  • As per the reminder received from AIDA Korea in the beginning of the year, the DC has to be approved by the Assembly every year. After the two applications requests sent to the Assembly this year, we finally have now the minimum number of people required, but we still cannot respect the composition required (no judges/attorneys have applied). 

- Grant Graves (US) 
- Jeffrey Bongjae Kim (KOR) 
- Juan M. Valdivia-Valdivia (US) 
- Roberta Cenedese (CAN) 
- Claude Chapuis (FR) 


  • The DC, like all the committees, are created to support the board and if we don’t have a valid DC, the Board will need to delegate those tasks for not being overloaded, so having the above mentioned DC remains the best available option. In these circumstances, we will ask the Assembly to accept a change in the rules and ratify the DC even if no Judge or attorney is included.


  • The Board also discussed adding a formal procedure for all DC cases including: 1) the request of information from the parties involved and the possibility to respond to the accusations. 2) request of support from specialists outside the DC ( National, JR, Education Officer, etc,)  concerning existing rules and practices.  


This list will be submitted to the assembly through a vote for final approval.  


IOP Modifications 

  • The vote will follow a 3 steps procedure: 1) May 12th version proposed by the JR is being reviewed by the Board; 2) the text validated by the Board is sent to the Assembly for discussions before the start of the vote and 3) the eventual feed-back may be added to the final vote as line items together with the text proposed by the Board.  



  • AIDA FEMR : Medical committee should be involved in the review of this course and the compatibility of the course with local legislations has been discussed.  



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