AIDA Attends Salon de la Plongee in Paris, France!

Published: 13/01/2023

AIDA France and AIDA International had a very busy weekend at the French diving show Salon De La Plongee from 6-9 January 2023 in Paris.

The event, organized by Cedric Palerme, had a lot of support and was very well attended. Podium athletes from the AIDA Depth World Championship Roatan 2022,  such as Abdel Alouach and Brigitte Banegas, were joined by many other amazing athletes on the French team to answer questions, sign autographs and sit for a presentation.

The large number of competitive athletes at this event was a huge draw and we are very thrilled and are looking forward to the next big event, where we can gather some of the best freedivers in the world to talk and rub shoulders with fans!

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