Board Meeting Report - October 2018

Published: 23/10/2018

October Board Meeting Notes

October 13, 2018


Attendees:                                unavailable : Pim Vermeulen

Carla Hanson                                                Brian Crossland

Alex Russu                                                   both working in Korea

Vedran Milat

Uros Kojic

Christian Foetinger



We had a shorter meeting than usual due to the unavailability of Pim and Brian and topics which required their presence to discuss.

 Financial Report Vedran began the meeting with the submittal of the 2017 financial report which was reviewed and will be sent to the Assembly for approval. 


WC Incident Kas- Vedran then reported on the events which took place at the CMAS World Championships in Kas, Turkey of this month.

Vedran was a judge and had direct observations regarding the problems and short-comings which lead to a safety failure.

We discussed the implications of that incident on Aida and freediving as a sport. How will this effect future sponsorships and what can be done to improve the public perception of freediving depth competitions.? What does AIDA need to consider in order to avoid any similar failures in future competitions and especially in the Depth World Championships 2019?  Uros said that we must be very diligent in advance planning and address all concerns very early to allow plenty of time to evaluate any issues. 


Swiss Registration- all required items are now ready and will be presented to the attorney for finalization.


New Observer Member  Carla submitted a member list and statues from a group from Estonia asking to become an Observer member. The request was approved and will be sent to the Assembly for confirmation.


Education Budget- Brian submitted a budget for education and Alex Russu had a question regarding the amount requested for less frequently taught courses. Brian will be consulted on this query.


Board Budget Requests – Carla submitted a request for marketing /promotional items and travel expenses, Alex Russu submitted a comprehensive list which includes budget for IT projects (statistics tool covering the education and the competition databases. He also suggested creating new positions (paid if we can advance on this subject that was blocked by the Assembly in the beginning of the year): Strategy manager, Marketing manager, Compliancy manager, etc. We expect further input from all Officers and eventually the Assembly before compiling the requests and submit the 2019 budget to vote.


 EUF Meeting ( Eurpean Underwater Fedration)   Antero Joki  requested funds ( €700)to attend the EUF meeting in Vienna . The request was approved, and Alex Russu also expressed an interest in attending this meeting to evaluate its benefits for AIDA.


Doping Case- Uros reported that the case will be forwarded to the DC for a recommendation.


National competition grant- AIDA Cyprus requested a grant and it was approved.


Judge Cards- Christian ( with support from Alex Ursu) asked for funds to create an interface for the automatic production and send cards to email addresses. He will make a budget with specifications and a contract.


Assembly Tool – Alex Russu was very pleased to announce that the new Assembly tool is up and running. He’s proposing now webinars to all national representatives to help Nationals fulfill their duties (manage their members, update their contacts, etc.)

The first webinar is scheduled for Saturday the 27th of October at 5pm (UTC/GMT). To join the webinar please contact Alex by e-mail:


Judge and Instructor Shirts- this topic is still being discussed. We have several offers and may accept more than one with the requirement that all shirts are the same.


PR/Media – a suggestion was made that this appointed office be change to a paid position of marketing manager. This person would be responsible for a wider range of tasks including all Aida merchandise,  media promotions, design continuity, advertising, to name a few. The role needs to be defined and candidates for the position sought.


 December Elections- Carla suggested that the Assembly and social media be advised that we will be seeking candidates for the upcoming elections in December. The following positions will be contested: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sport Officer and all the appointed positions ,which are renewed yearly ( media, medical, judge responsible, IT ).


Rules Vote- We are waiting for the final version of the line items then it will be sent to the Assembly


Questions or comments may be directed to the Board or any Board member.

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