AIDA assembly video-conference - 29th of May 2021

Published: 07/06/2021


1)      Rules changes

- The Assembly received proposed updates to the Competition Rules and Instructor standards by mail. A vote will be sent out offering the possibility to accept or reject each change individually.

- The principle of “certification for life” that was discussed during the previous Assembly Meeting is now taking shape with the removal of all requirements to re-take an AIDA course that was already taken. The AIDA Judges and Instructors will maintain their active status based on short online tests that are meant to refresh their knowledge after long periods of inactivity or after updates in the AIDA programs. On top of the theory check, the instructors will be also required for a proof they are still fit to dive, but there will be no more requirement to re-take a full course if the Assembly will approve the “certification for life” project.

- After closely following the evolution of the freediving education business in the most active areas of the world (e.g. the Philippines) for the past year, the EC concluded on the strategic need to set the depth requirements for AIDA2 between 12 and 20m.

- Yulia, AIDA Vice-President, reminded to the Assembly Members the process of decision-making in AIDA. According to Statutes 11.1.1: “(...) each Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board, but the Executive Board have authority whether to adopt such recommendations. However, the major changes to rules or fees, shall be put for the Assembly approval.”

Therefore, Assembly votes will be made for all major changes to the rules, and for clarity, the word “rules” shall be read as “mandatory” requirements.


2)      Statement on contraindications in freediving

The Medical Committee released the list of the medical contraindications for freediving. The list is published on the AIDA Web Site under “Documents”. This updated list of contraindications is intended for use by students to determine if they are fit for freediving activities and will replace the previously used AIDA Medical Statement.

It was reminded that for AIDA competitions a different document is needed. The athletes must have a medical certificate of non contra-indications to freediving signed by a physician (doctor in medicine). The certificate must be in English or a language understood by the jury and cannot be older than one year.


3)      Youth course

The passing rate for the test was changed to 90% for alignment and consistency withing the AIDA educational system.

An evaluation of the course content is also under way. The audit is made by a professional coach specialized in youth swimming.


4)      Jury Control Committee

The Board was pleased to announce the Jury Control Committee (JCC) was formed and will start working in June.

Also, the Judge Responsible conducted the first CE course at the request of AIDA Japan in the Refresher format, updating knowledge of Judges on pool competitions via Zoom.

We are working on the possibility of a universal format for Refresher Judge courses.


5)      World Championship preparation process

An email with the Covid travel conditions set by the Cyprus authorities was sent to the Assembly members to assess their chances of participation to the WCh. The Nationals are required to check internally with their athletes and inform the Board on their participation. In the next meeting all the information will be discussed and the final decision on having World Championships this year or not will taken.


6)      NGO in China

The NGO registration procedure is temporarily delayed by the inscription to the Swiss Commercial Register and as soon as we receive the commercial register number, the procedure in China will resume.


7)      Direct questions to the Board and open discussions

7.1. Roberta (Canada) asked for the World Championship Budget

The budget will be sent for Assembly discussions and vote.

7.2. Question from Japan National if the Team world championship will take place next year

The Team WCh stopped because of the low attendance and only depends on the interest and capability of the Nationals to form teams.


8)      Date for the next meeting

The next Assembly meeting will be on the 19th of June at 1pm UTC



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