AIDA Board meeting - March 2017

Published: 24/03/2017




Carla Sue Hanson              (3/3)

Vedran Milat                      (3/3)

Uros Kojic                         (3/3)

Jean-Pol Francois               (3/3)

Alexandru Russu                (3/3)

Mario Zuzic                        (3/3)

Irina Zelenkova                 (1/1)

Denys Rylov                      (1/1)


Irina presented the priorities for the new members of the Medical office:

  • Fix the imprecise medical info from the manuals
  • Make flyers on the important topics (e.g. narcosis, squeeze) – to add a new webpage on the site for them
  • Start a long term study concerning the FD effects on the cognitive functions

Suggestions received by the the Medical Office from the Board:

  • follow-up with Erika Schagatay on the advances of the squeeze study
  • monitor the medical publications related to freediving & brief us

Denys took over the Media/PR Office and spoke about his priorities:

-  Register Youtube account for AIDA and start uploading the archive material from Uros.

-  Recover the access to the LinkedIn account.

-  Recover Instagram account. If somebody know who is the owner of , please let us know by mail to Otherwise we will register a new account.

-  Recover the access to the Twitter account.

-  Recover the access to the Facebook page

-  Test Bitrix24 CRM for the Board communication

-  Propose to the board "WCh video kit" options for the official cameras

-  Search options to have a professionally made media coverage of the WCh .


Vedran informed us that we’ll have the 2106 financial statements ready next month and he proposed an automatic invoicing of the annual fees. He will look into options to implement it.


Ute transferred to Uros the Sport officer video archive and Uros will look into digitizing the content to store it online


JP Informed us the instructor list is now implemented in the website and can be accessed under the “organisation/instructors” menu, he started working on the requirements for EOS2 with the IT Officer and a tender will be announced once the documentation will be ready.


Uros proposed to send out application requests for the next year WC as soon as possible to allow more time for the organization


The Board agreed an AIDA dedicated webshop is needed. Carla will look for the previous exchanges had with Buggiweb (developers) to understand the options before we proceed.


Alex proposed a dedicated meeting with the theme “Where do you see AIDA in 5 years from now?” for the 12 of March 4pm CET



-each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

-the Board Meetings will take place the first Sunday of every month at 4pm UTC/GMT.



Pending from previous Board meetings:


From January

- Requirements definition for the EOS2 tender (JP & Mario)

- Price check for education videos on E-lence (JP)


From February

- Judge promotion (Board vote)

- AIDA registration for tax exemption in Switzerland (Vedran)


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