AIDA Assembly video conference - 30 October 2021

Published: 24/11/2021

AIDA Assembly Meeting of 30 October 2021

Represented countries:
AIDA Australia
AIDA Bulgaria
AIDA France
AIDA Latvia
AIDA Romania
AIDA Columbia
AIDA Singapur
AIDA Japan
AIDA Germany
AIDA Russia
AIDA China
AIDA Cyprus
AIDA Slovenia 
AIDA Korea
AIDA Hong Kong
AIDA Taiwan
AIDA Netherland
AIDA Israel

 1. Question from Assembly
1.1.  AIDA Japan question about restarts: why only some athletes were allowed to restart at the World Championship (ant not all)? 
AIDA Vice President Yulia Marievich explained that restarts are granted by the WCh Jury following the protest procedure and only athletes who make protests are considered in the Jury deliberations. 

1.2. AIDA Observer application from Lithuani
AIDA Lithuania meets all the requirements for the Observer membership, it has a positive recomendation from the Board and will be sent out for the Assembly vote

1.3. AIDA Member application from Belarus 
AIDA Belarus representative was absent from the meeting, so the AIDA Secreatry will continue exchanging emails and when all the details will be clarified and the Board recomendation is made, this subject will be put to the Assembly vote

1.4.Suggestion to connect National`s monopoly to represent AIDA in a country to the obligation of also promoting AIDA in that country.
This suggestion was made by AIDA France and different opinions were presented highlighting actual limitations and difficulties in implementing this obligation. 
2. Pool World Championship 2022.
The event will take place from 19th to 27th of June 2022 in Burgas, Bulgaria. Lyubomir Stefanov made a short report concerning the preparations for the WCh.  This is a great event for Burgas and it has some political support. The event will be announced officially soon (after Lyubo discusses it with Sport Officer Uros). The pool is already reserved for the given dates, but the COVID situation in Bulgaria is bad for the moment and a new lockdown is expected soon, so it’s hard to predict what the situation will be in June 2022.
3. The issue of  Taiwan/ROC Flag at the World Championship
AIDA Secretary, Philippe Pean explained the situation to all the Assembly members - removing the flag was a request from the Chinese government and had nothing to do with the sponsors. This was an urgent decision to keep the streaming for half a million people and to comply with internal and international rules and regulations.
AIDA Disciplinary Committee received a complaint about this case, made extensive research for one month and will publish its decision the next week.
AIDA China and AIDA Taiwan presented their position to the Assembly and both agreed it should not be discussed in the media.
4. Feedback on the 27th World Championship.
AIDA Treasurer,  Sasa Jeremic, made a short report about the participation and the achievements related to the WCh

5. Organisation of a Depth World Championship and a Pool World Championship every year
AIDA President, Alexandru Russu, suggested to offer athltes the possibility to participate to a Pool and to a Depth WCh every year. The Large majority of all countries participating in the meeting supported the idea. It remains now to build the budget and submit it to the Assembly vote.

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