Registration for the 30th AIDA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Jeju is Now Open!

Published: 03/02/2023

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Registration is now open for the 30th AIDA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Jeju, South Korea and will include DYN, DYNB, DNF and STA disciplines. 
The event will be held from 10-17 June 2023. 

Early Registration: €500 (subsidies are now pending Assembly vote). More information about the vote can be found here.

AIDA Nationals are asked to send a list of the selected athletes for each discipline before the 31st of March to
Up to 4 athletes per discipline per gender, in addition to Wild Cards, will be accepted, however, AIDA Nationals are invited to include additional athletes for the waiting list like every year, to be confirmed after the 31st of March, 

AIDA Nationals must also inform their selected athletes to register directly on the official AIDA World Championship Jeju 2023 website. Only the athletes included on the sent list will be validated until the 31st of March.  

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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