Board meeting report - October

Published: 26/10/2020

Date: 11th of October 2020


- Alexandru Russu

- Kimmo Lahtinen

- Sasa Jeremic

- Uros Kojic

- Natalia Domashenko

- Oleg Melikov

- Olga Sidorova

- Marco Consentino

- Kostas Madouros

- Roberta Cenedese

- Juani Valdivia

- Hiroshi Ryu


Discussion items:

AIDA Strategy:

For the biggest part of the meeting, the Board discussed the AIDA strategy together with Natalia Domashenko (the consultant who facilitated this project) and agreed on the plan. The following step is to discuss it in a larger conf call with the Assembly.



Board decided to change its status from “sub-discipline” to “discipline” in the rules and to include it in the WC. The Technical Committee is charged with the implementation of the decision.


National approval for the AIDA competitions

The Board noticed a series of issues with the timing of the approvals and decided to regulate the approval delay to be consistent with the organizer’s obligations. The retained process is the following

The organizer announces the competition in the AIDA system minimum 2 weeks before it starts. / The National has max 3 days to give its initial answer and in case the answer is negative it must contain all the reasons for the refusal. / The organizer can bring solutions for the reasons of the refusal and the National must respond again in max 3 days.

The Board delegated to the TC the update of the rules and it will soon submit them to the Assembly discussion and vote.


National Records

The Board discuss a series of conflictual case related to NRs and concluded we have a gap of regulations in this regard. Since a few months ago, the AIDA database includes the nationality of the athletes. This opens the possibility to regulate the NRs and the Board delegated to the TC the task of suggesting NR regulation options



The Technical Committe

The board discussed the suggested list of appointments for the Technical Committee and decided to send requests to Vedran Milat, Tim Oehmigen, Andrea Zuccari, William Winram (Oleg Melikhov and Olga Sidorova have also been recommended, but following the article 11.2.1 from the AIDA Statutes, the Board considered they are not eligible for more than one official function, so they cannot join the TC). Additional volunteers are welcome so if you a good knowledge on the AIDA competition rules (eventual legal background) and are willing to dedicate your free time to AIDA, please contact


The Safety Committe

The board voted for the creation of a Safety Committee and approved the following members: Marco Cosentino, Harry Chamas and Chris McKay. Additional volunteers are welcome, so if you have particular knowledge in safety procedures and are willing to dedicate your free time to AIDA, please contact


Designation of the DC coordinators and internal process.

The Board named Grant Graves as DC secretary and Claude Chapuis as alternate.

The board also developed together with the DC a procedure to be followed for all DC cases in order to ensure a reasonable timeline and the application of the main principles of law (access to the court, principle of adversarial proceedings, independence and impartiality of the court)

The Board will soon submit the DC regulations to the Assembly discussion and vote.

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