AIDA Board meeting - May 2017

Published: 30/05/2017




Carla Sue Hanson               (5/5)

Uros Kojic                          (5/5)

Jean-Pol Francois                 (5/5)

Vedran Milat                       (4/5)

Alexandru Russu                 (5/5)

Alexandru Ursu (IT)             (1)



Mario Zuzic                           (3/5)

Antero Joki                            (1/5)


The main part of the discussion was with Alex Ursu (IT) concerning the website and it was decided that Mario will finish the project started with Prototyp and Alex Ursu (IT) will work exclusively on the next developments.

VOTE- Based on instructor’s request for promotional materials, the Board voted to approve €650 to Studio33 for design of a customizable AIDA flyer and poster (to be adapted by our instructors to their needs and use for promotion)

VOTE- the Board voted to recommend Lebanon as Observer member for Assembly vote.

VOTE- the Board voted to approve Christian Foetinger as interim JR until 2018. 

VOTE - The JR Office noticed irregularities in some applications for the Roatan Jury and the Board voted to give warnings to the concerned judges. 

VOTE - for encouraging high performances in the competitional circuit, the Sport Office recommended and the Board voted for Aida to take in charge the cost of doping tests for WRs in competitions ( not in WR attempts) The doping kit is still the responsibility of the organizer, but if the WR is broken, AIDA will pay the laboratory for the tests that will follow.

Board agreed to delay a recommendation for Assembly vote concerning additional investments in the WCh until we'll have a better picture on the total amount needed (Doping kits and tests, flights for the judges, Diveye, etc). We will closely examine the budget and expenses for the WC before a determination is made.

VOTE- The Board voted to approve the promotion of Gabriela Contreras as AI judge. Gabriela received 5 “YES” votes from Antero, Alex, Uros, Mario , JP and also 2 “NO” votes from Vedran and Carla.

VOTE- the Board received applications from "RFF" and "AIDA Russia" to represent AIDA in Russia and for the upcoming vote, the Board recommendation for the Assembly is to choose "RFF".  Alex pointed out a strategy issue between the AIDA Education and the AIDA competition which will require additional measures (e.g. double certification RFF/AIDA) for representing AIDA (Education). A vote request for the 2 applications will be presented to the Assembly in the next days.

Claude Chapuis presented a plan for local AIDA competitions partially financed by the Indonesian Tourism Ministry and requested the support of the Board . Alex R will write a recommendation letter designating a technical adviser working locally with the authorities on this project. We will offer safety and organizational advice. Media/PR Officer will help with media support.  

Alex noted that negotiations are taking place for a TV project on the Roatan WCh and a decision could be taken at any moment now.

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