AIDA Board meeting - August 2017

Published: 13/08/2017


Carla Sue Hanson               (8/8)

Alexandru Russu                 (8/8)

Denys Rylov (Media/PR Officer)      



Antero Joki                          (3/8)

Jean-Pol Francois                  (5/8)

Uros Kojic                            (7/8)

Vedran Milat                         (6/8)

Vice President                       (5/8)


  1. We were happy to hear from Esteban that 26 nations registered already for the World Championship.


  1. Carla signed the contract for having Diveye in Roatan to enhance safety and for the promotion of our athletes , the promotion of AIDA, and generally the promotion of freediving. The Media/PR Officer will follow-up for live streaming the Championship to AIDA YouTube channel. The cost of the service is covered from the marketing budget approved by the Assembly for 2017. Ren Chapman in charge of the safety team now strongly requested this investment saying it's a small amount if it prevents injuries and saves lives.


  1. The Media/PR Officer presented a budget proposal for professional filming and video editing of the World Championships. The Board will examine it for the 2018 budget proposal


  1. We would like to receive applications from people willing to work for the organisation of the 2018 World Championships (Pool and Team). This is actually what we used to call “ WCh organizer”, but since we cannot leave the responsibility of an AIDA World Championship outside AIDA we are considering some changes to the traditional formula and start employing the organizer to work for AIDA. The difference is that AIDA will take over the financial risks and benefits that proved to be challenging in the last years.


  1. Mario Zuzic resigned from the position of AIDA Vice-President and the position is now open for applications. You can find the resignation letter in the attached annexe. As runner-up in the previous VP elections, Petar Bojovic was contacted already by the Board and we are waiting his feed-back, but the final decision on the new VP will be taken by the Assembly as per the AIDA statutes.


  1. The Secretary Office opened a tender for the “Assembly Tool” (IT project) and is inviting all members to contact trusted providers for receiving applications until the 1st of September. Additional services will also be required as issues with the transfer of the AIDA database from the previous website to the new system have been acknowledged. For more info please contact the Secretary or the IT Office.


  1. We were not able to discuss other agenda items since the majority of the Board was not in attendance of the meeting. We also apologise for the delay in the publication of the previous Board meeting report (it will be released as soon as the Board approves it)




-each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

-the Board Meetings will take place the first Sunday of every month at 5pm UTC/GMT.


To access all previous Board meeting reports, please check the News section of our website:

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