AIDA Board Meeting - 20st of November 2016

Published: 22/11/2016

Participants :

  1. Carla Hanson (President)
  2. Mario Zuzic (Vice President)
  3. Ute Gessmann (Sport Officer)
  4. Vedran Milat (Treasurer)
  5. Petar Bojovic (Judge Responsible)
  6. Alexandru Russu (Media/PR Officer)

The meeting was opened by Vedran who reminded the importance of the Statutes changes for finalizing AIDA registration in Switzerland. Carla confirmed 31 positive votes and zero negative votes for the statutes changes. With a proportion of over 2/3 of member countries, the vote for statutes changes is valid and Vedran will move forward with the lawyers to finalize the paper work.   

The second point mentioned by Vedran was about the 2015 financial report that is nearly done and will be ready to send to the Assembly in December. Also in discussion was the 2017 budget which is under consideration, but may require the input of the new Officers that will be elected in December, so it was not yet decided when exactly will be sent to the Assembly.  

Mario informed the Board about the advancement of the website and the fact that all competition results will be entered in the system during the next week which will also allow the calculation of points for judges. Vedran will need to check all payments for the 2016 competitions to give the final approval for the ranking entries.

Mario also mentioned work has been done to prepare for optional tools allowing nationals to manage the list of their members directly in the AIDA system in view of their access to competitions (reinforcing the rules requirement for all athletes to be members of a national AIDA). This option however is not part of the actual contract with Prototyp (the agency who won our 2016 tender for the IT project) and will be proposed to the Assembly together with a series of other optimizations as part of the 2017 budget

Petar brought in discussion the upcoming election for the Board positions and we have 2 applications for the VP position, 4 applications for Sport Officer, 2 for the Secretary Office and 1 for the Treasurer position. Ute informed us she is not running for elections anymore and the Board thanked her for the work done during the past years and wished her good luck for the future.  The applications for the Board positions and the vote request will be sent to the Assembly on the 1st of December with a vote deadline for the 15th of December.

Alex suggested an independent vote counter endorsed by her National AIDA (Olivia Motus-Jaquier), in order to ensure the vote for the Board positions will remain secret for the actual board members and avoid potential conflicts of interest. The suggestion has been accepted and the vote counter will inform the Assembly on the result of the vote without giving any info to the Board about what choices each country made. A request for a second independent vote counter (from another country for preference) will be sent during the next days to the Assembly.

Together with the Officers elections, the following items will also be sent to the Assembly for vote before the end of the year:

  • The proposal received for the 2017 World Championships
  • The applications of Egypt and Caiman Islands for Observer Members
  • The financial report for 2015
  • An update to the Competition regulations prepared by Antero Joki, our Technical Officer, together with Carla.

The next important project will be the update of the Judge IOP with the separation between Pool and Depth Judges up to B level with both pool and depth experience remaining mandatory for the A level (judge instructors)

Carla informed us that Antero is also having preliminary discussions to identify potential common ground for an approach between AIDA and CMAS in the interest of the athletes

Before closing, Carla also mentioned she had meetings with Suunto during DEMA show (diving fair on 16-19 Nov in Las Vegas) and they showed interest in collaborating on the marketing side for the AIDA 2017 World Championship

The next Board Meeting is tentatively planned for December

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