AIDA assembly video-conference - 17th of January 2021

Published: 27/01/2021

AIDA assembly video-conference 17th of January 2021



1 Afiza Affandi, AIDA Singapore

2 Michael Nedwed, AIDA Germany

3 Savvas Savva, AIDA Cyprus

4 Philippe Pean, AIDA Secretary

5 Seoul, AIDA Korea

6 Uros, AIDA Serbia

7 Tim, Technical Committee

8 Yulia, AIDA Latvia

9 Vitomir Maricic, AIDA Croatia

10 Filip West, AIDA Belgium

11 Kostas, AIDA Media-PR Officer

12 Mark, AIDA

13 Maria Uverricht, AIDA Germany

14 Maja, AIDA Slovenia

15 Lisa Borg, AIDA Australia

16 Kosuke Okamoto, AIDA Japan

17 Isabela Sanchez, AIDA Spain

18 Isabel Perez, AIDA Spain

19 Helena, AIDA Korea

20 Claude Chapuis, AIDA France

21 Christian, AIDA Austria

22 Roberta Cenedese, AIDA Canada

23 Alina, AIDA Israel

24 Aolin, AIDA China

25 Oleg Melikhov, AIDA Russia

26 Alex Russu, AIDA Romania


1) The AIDA Strategy was rediscussed during the Meeting and the Nationals concluded that it must be voted together with the update of the organisational structure, to open the paid position of Administrator (President/Board assistant during the learning phase). 


The 2021 Budget however was not sufficiently addressed. The discussion of the Budget was postponed for the next Assembly meeting.


2) Japan, France, Canada, and other Nationals asked for regulation for National AIDAs regarding the athlete`s (instructor and judge) affiliation with national AIDAs. According to the current regulation, the athlete can request affiliation with any National, thus a national record can be set by an athlete who does not belong to the national AIDA of his passport.

The Board presented the technical possibilities offered by the IT system regarding the automatization of the National Record recognition, remaining for the Assembly to decide on a common set of requirements all over the world (for comparable results in the ranking). It was taken into consideration that there are: 

  • athletes with two passports, 

  • athletes who have a permanent residence in a country other than their nationality/citizenship

  • athletes from countries without National AIDA.


The main options requested for a vote by the present representatives were: 

1) the possibility to register with any National, 

2) the requirement to register with the National of their citizenship (if a National AIDA exists) for the recognition of the National records only 

3) the requirement to register with the National of their citizenship (if it exists) for representing the country in all official competitions.


The affiliation of the Instructor with any National was not discussed during the meeting. This affiliation does not fall under the AIDA Competition Rules and Regulations and needs to be discussed, if necessary, as a separate topic.


3) Nationals raised a series of issues regarding the recognition of the Youth Course and FEMR (First aid course) certifications. 


The Board delegated to the Medical Office the investigation of the FEMR recognition. This subject will be re-opened once the investigations with Medical and Education Officers will deliver their results. 


Member states generally supported the updates to Youth Course, such as:

  • lower the pass rate to 75-85%. Some questions may be marked as essential with a 100% pass rate. The language should be simplified.
  • the course could be redesigned from the online course to the online instructor-led course.

Education Officer will receive the request of Member States and the subject will be re-opened once the  Education Officer will deliver the results.


4) AIDA Spain raised the issue of a bad quality translation of the Spanish materials and more Nationals requested tenders to be opened in the Assembly for all translations. The Board confirmed the implementation of this procedure. 


5) The 2021 WC(s) proved to be the most debated subject as the Nationals presented very different opinions and arguments. The Sport Officer took in charge to coordinate gathering the info concerning the deadlines (on the organization side and on the nationals/athlete’s side) and come back with a voting proposal for the Assembly to have the final decision. It was agreed that final information and requirements should be presented to the Assembly by the end of February.


6) Another issue raised by National representatives was the promotion to Instructor trainer: level 4 certifications are a bottleneck. Following a short discussion, the conclusion was for the Board to look into alternative ways of reaching the same purpose and the rules with the eventual options proposed will be sent for the Assembly vote like all the AIDA rules. 


7) A few nationals asked the beginner course to focus more on enjoying freediving without the line. It was agreed to send this project to Education Officer for evaluation. Instructors willing to volunteer to help on this project are welcome to send their proposals and vision to



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