Vote results of 2019 Board positions and status of Observer countries

Published: 20/12/2018

Assembly vote of 14 December 2018


1) Do you accept Sasa Jeremic as AIDA Treasurer? 

            25 yes; 1 no

2) Do you accept Irina Fedoskina as AIDA Secretary? 

            24 yes; 2 no

3) Do you accept Uros Kojic as Sport Officer?

             26 yes; 0 no

4) Do you accept Alexandru Russu as AIDA VP?

             25 yes; 1 no

5) Do you accept to change the Status of the AIDA Observer as per the following paragraph? 

Observer status has all the rights and obligations of the Member status except the right to vote. Observer status is granted to organisations of minimum 10 people for a period of 2 years followed by an evaluation consisting of: development of a national AIDA community including minimum 2 AIDA instructors, 2 AIDA judges and 11 other AIDA members for a total of minimum 15 members; the non-profit organization of 1 AIDA competition for its national community and a democratic organization.

            24 yes 2 no

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