30th AIDA World Championship Successfully Closes

Published: 16/06/2023

After four days of events, the AIDA Pool World Championship Jeju 2023 has come to a successful close.

It was an exciting event with many amazing results and a true showcase of the world’s top freedivers. It is amazing to see how the sport continues to develop around the world, notably in South Africa, with AIDA world championship newcomer Bevin Reynolds landing on several podiums.

The turnout and overwhelming results from the Asian athletes, notably from China, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines was also incredible, and we look forward to the continued boom in popularity freediving has seen in these countries.

A highlight of the event was Julia Kozerska (Poland) breaking her own DNF AIDA World Record and earning her seventh career AIDA World Record!

Japan’s Mai Morimura was also a noteworthy athlete during this competition, taking home three new AIDA Continental Records for Asia.

In total, we saw one new AIDA World record, 10 AIDA Continental Records and 60 AIDA National Records.

Athletes Julia Kozerska (Poland) and Aleksandr Maksimov (International) earned the most combined points from all four disciplines and were named the overall winners of the 30th AIDA World Championship.

Women’s Overall:

1.       Julia Kozerska (Poland) – 437.6 points

2.      Bevin Reynolds (South Africa) – 390 points

3.      Ke Tang (China) – 374.9 points


Men’s Overall:

1.       Aleksandr Maksimov (International) – 455.5 points

2.      Ming (William Joy) Jin (China) – 454.5 points

3.      Po-Yen Lee (Chinese Taipei) – 406 points

Complete replays of each discipline can be found on the AIDA YouTube channel.

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