Board Meeting Report - September 2017

Published: 18/10/2017




Carla Sue Hanson              (9/9)

Alexandru Russu                (9/9)

Jean-Pol Francois               (6/9)

Uros Kojic                         (8/9)

Alexandru Ursu-Vlagea (IT Officer)




Antero Joki                         (3/9)

Vedran Milat                       (6/9)

Vice President                    (5/9)





  1. Selection of a new Vice President: Following the demission of Mario Zuzic, we would like to ask for applications to fill the remaining time of the VP mandate (end 2018). Please send your applications until the 10th of October 12 am UTC at An Assembly vote will be scheduled for 11-21 October.


  1. Observer Member applications: We received the applications of groups from Lebanon, Columbia and Maldives. The Board decided on a positive recommendation for Lebanon and Columbia for the moment. The person from Maldives received a request for additional efforts to promote AIDA before the Board can issue a positive recommendation to the Assembly and a 3 months test period has been given. A vote will follow shortly and you can review the info received from all applicants here:



  1. Looking back at the Roatan WCh, the Boards estimates it was a general success (participation of a big number of countries, high safety standards, etc) and the big financial effort for bringing Diveye is starting to show some results: reach outside the freediving community with millions of views on social media and a first request from non-diving specialized media to stream the AIDA WChs for the general public.


  1. We would like to inform you that we are offering free of charge* (*for non-commercial use) all World Championship videos received based on the Diveye contract. We hope you can take advantage of this investment and use it to promote AIDA in your country. You can get the videos from here: For commercial use, AIDA is selling the rights for €500/video (exception: our instructors are not required to pay anything for using the videos for the AIDA courses even if this can be considered commercial use.)


  1. “Assembly Tool” (IT project): following the August tender, we received offers ranging from 7000 to 11700 Euro. Our IT Office is evaluating the technical side for the final decision, but we are also considering the questions raised by Australia on the purpose of the project and it’s integration in the general evolution plan of AIDA. The Secretary Office will work closely with Australia (and any other interested National) to investigate options before proceeding with the supplier.


  1. In 2018 there will be both AIDA Pool World Championships (April, May or June) and AIDA Team World Championships (September, October or November).  Organizers interested in submitting a proposal to host either competition (or both) should do so not later than 25 October (the deadline for proposals).  If possible, organizers are requested to submit proposals by 15 October, in order to allow time to clarify or add information (if needed).  Proposals should be sent to:





- each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

- the Board Meetings will take place the first Sunday of every month at 4pm UTC/GMT.


To access all previous Board meeting reports, please check the News section of our website:

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