Vote request on the World Record Attempts continuation

Published: 13/10/2016

In response to the suggestions received from our community, we are requesting now the Assembly vote for continuing or discontinuing the World Record (WR) Attempts outside competitions end we encourage all our freedivers to participate to their National's decision.
The initiative was generated by the example of the other sports and the assumed conflict with the principle of equality which is a fundamental value of our competition regulations. On the other side, the WR Attempts as a differentiating factor on the international sport arena proved over the years to bring publicity to AIDA and motivation to the athletes without a significant alteration of the equality principle. The argumentation is complex and we leave you to investigate deeper, have a democratic debate inside your National and make the final choice.

The question submitted to the Assembly vote is:
Are you in favor of continuing to have WR Attempts outside competitions?
Option 1: YES
Option 2: NO

Wishing you a constructive discussion, we look forward to receive your National's votes by the 15th of November 

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