Applications request for Board positions

Published: 18/01/2017

The 2017 AIDA Executive Board term began 1 January. The non-executive (non-voting), Board members are appointed each year and  we are now requesting applications for the following positions: Media/PR Officer, IT Officer, Judge Responsible, Legal Officer and Medical Officer - see a brief description at the end of the mail.
We would also be happy to receive any other volunteers willing to integrate a commission or work-group, so if you have a project/idea that you’d like to develop inside AIDA, come and join us!
Please send us your applications including a brief statement on your intentions/program & CV by the 27th of January to:
The Medical & Science Officer (“M/S Officer”) shall be the officer primarily responsible for matters relating to AIDA’s medical and science programs, including coordination with medical and scientific researchers. The M/S Officer shall be the Chairman of the Medical & Science Committee.
The Media and PR Officer (“Media Officer”) shall be responsible for communications matters for AIDA, and accordingly shall prepare statements/releases for review by the Executive Board or Assembly or subgroup of either (as appropriate), and shall also prepare such statements, releases and other materials as shall be requested by the Executive Board or Assembly.
The Judge Responsible shall be responsible for training, quality control, and other matters relating to AIDA judges.
The Legal Officer shall be the person providing information to the Executive Board on legal issues, and managing such issues as requested by the Executive Board.
The IT Officer shall manage and perform such IT related matters as requested by the Executive Board and President.

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