Board Meeting Report - September 2018

Published: 11/09/2018

Board Meeting September 8, 2018


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Carla                                        Pim                  

Alex R                                      Uros



Alex U





Alex Ursu (IT) started the meeting with a report on IT projects. He said all the results from Belgrade WC have finally been added except for a very few. The new  judge system is working well .A new application for excel and live uploading of results is coming soon. This will save time and simplify the procedure for all .

EOS needs to be updated ( re-done) Brian will have specs and will speak with another facilitator this week. Simo Kurra( architect of EOS) is working with Brian to move old EOS to a new platform .

Oleg and Carla asked about adding new pages to the website for medical, safety, and organizer manuals. Alex U said that is no problem.  Alex R asked that Alex U have access to control dropbox as we need to add more space for officer materials.


Oleg Melikhov, the medical officer , has documents to publish for organizers ( equipment list for medics) and competitor medical release recommendation ( needs to changed on the website) . Med committee recommends that all divers have DAN or like med. insurance coverage.  The Technical committee, in conjunction with the Med Committee and DC ,will be draft a procedural document for doping issues which will include all steps of the process in the event of an adverse finding . The committee also provided recommendations to the Ed committee for the children’s diving instruction program. Oleg and Alex U will connect this week to discuss required changes on the website.  


Christian Foetinger( judge responsible) reported that an athlete had a squeeze and wondered about protocol for mandatory rest and medical treatment . He also asked about judge shirts- Eva Baublis and Pim Vermeulen are working on sponsorship for shirts for judge and instructor and will make a presentation. We also have 2 sponsorship offers for gauges and will test the gauges and work on an arrangement . Alex R reported that he was able to get sponsorship for cameras for the 2019 depth WC.

Denys also said that Lobster was still interested to provide more judge shirts.


Vedran Milat( treasurer) sent in a report with the bank and paypal balance. Aida continues to have a solid financial position. The financial statements are under review and will be ready to send to the Swiss lawyer to finalize the registration process to secure our non-profit status.   Vedran requested that each officer send him a budget request for 2019 so the budget may be presented to the Assembly in October. 


Brian Crossland , Education Officer , was pleased to announce that the new Aida4 materials are complete and in publishing software.  A complaint against an instructor will be reported to the Board then possibly sent to the DC ,if further independent investigation is warranted.

Brian asked for € 870 for a Taiwanese instructor seminar and the expense was approved.  20 instructors will be included and the expense is part of the education budget.  Alex R asked about contracts for the paid contractors in education dept and Brian said he would send them.


Alex Russu ( VP) reported that the Assembly tool still has problems but he will work with the programmers to resolve those issues.

Carla asked that Alex R send out a notice to the Assembly announcing that we are seeking candidates  for the 2019-2021 term: VP, Treasurer, Secretary , and Sports Officer.  Carla and Alex will write a description of the duties of these positions.

Carla asked to move the Assembly group out of Yahoo due to all the problems and Alex U will work on Google groups.


Aida France requested funds for the Dive show and €1,000 was approved.


Carla explained that she was invited to represent Aida at the Sabang Depth comp in Indonesia and expenses would be paid excepting the international flight (less than $700) The expense was approved.  Carla also said that she and medical committee member, Dr. Juan Valdivia,will be attending the DEMA show in November. Dr. Valdivia will do a presentation on DCS on the 5 minute neuro exam . Expenses will be minimal as the booth is generously hosted by Deeper Blue.


Pim Vermeulen ( Technical Officer) sent in a report and said that the rules are in the final review and will be out this month for assembly review. This is a comprehensive document with some very important updates .  He and  Eva Baublis ( designer) are updating the judge and student cards and also standardizing all forms, materials, and uniform wear with the Aida logo.


Denys Rylov ( media and pr) stated that Aida Ukraine is testing a new drone and they will report on the results of their experience.

We also discussed the need for a detailed media plan for the WC 2019. Including videos, photos, social media posts ,and live broadcast with Diveye.


Please contact any Board member with any questions or comments .

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