AIDA Board meeting - January 2017

Published: 18/01/2017




Carla Sue Hanson              (1/1)

Mario Zuzic                       (1/1)

Vedran Milat                      (1/1)

Uros Kojic                         (1/1)

Antero Joki                        (1/1)

Jean-Pol Francois               (1/1)

Alexandru Russu                (1/1)


ITs vote: the Board voted to approve the applications of Felice Mastroleo (Belgium) and Agata Bogusz (Poland) for AIDA Instructor Trainers (pending validation from their AIDA Nationals)

EOS 2: Jean-Pol will prepare the requirements definition for a tender to update the EOS

Education Videos: Jean-Pol will check prices on E-lence for additional educational videos

Instructors list: Mario will follow-up with Prototyp for a quotation to include the instructors list and their geographical location on the website

Payment for competition results: Prototyp confirmed PayPal integration and fixing the bug with the invoice amount experienced by AIDA Denmark. This can only be tested with the next payments so we ask all organizers to double check that the required amount corresponds to the number of starts (2€/start) and to report any other eventual bugs

Assembly tool: Alex will follow-up with Prototyp to receive quotation for the next generation Assembly tool that will give nationals the possibility to: update their contacts, pay the National member fee, list all their members that paid the fees for the current year so we can reinforce the regulations (all athletes have to be members on an AIDA National) and list the national records for their country. Each National will have its own page on the AIDA website. An automatic vote system integration in the Assembly tool will also be investigated so we can avoid any potential mistakes due to human errors in the Assembly votes.

Disciplinary Committee: Concerning the Kalamata line setting errors that affected Mr. Bussiere and Mr. Oehmigen, after reviewing the statements of all those involved in the incident, the DC recommended and the Board approved that:

  1. Ms. Darja Subotin be removed from judging all AIDA competitions for one year from the dateof the Disciplinary Committee decision without decreasing her Judge level.
  2. Mr. Denis Rylov be removed from judging all AIDA competitions for one year after the already approved events, without decreasing his Judge level.
  3. Stavros Kastrinakis be dis-allowed from organizing AIDA competitions for a period of 6 months from the dateof the Disciplinary Committee decision
  4. AIDA International should apologize officially to Team France and Mr. Guillaume Bussiere personally.
  5. AIDA International should apologize officially to Team Germany and Tim Oehmigen.

Depth judging: Carla suggested changes in the IOP and the judge course to reflect the increased risks of the depth competitions. In principle, the Board agreed and Carla (with other eventual volunteers) will start working on a concrete proposal that will be later submitted to the Assembly vote.

Regulation update: Uros as the new Sport Officer with a team of top athletes and eventual reps from all AIDA Nationals will work with the Technical Officer on continuously updating the competition regulation. Daan Verhoeven will propose updates for the “TechDoc” to be voted at the end of the year

Additional Board members: Alex will send out a request for: IT Officer, Media/PR Officer, Medical Officer, Judge Responsible, Legal Officer and any other volunteers willing to help the Board

Roatan WCh Doping tests: Uros will take in charge the acquisition and shipment to Roatan of 25 doping kits. After the competition, Carla will take the kits on the plane and bring them to UCLA (laboratory) for testing

Docs centralization: Vedran will purchase a Drop Box account for AIDA and Alex will use it to centralize all documents and share them with all Board members and other eventual collaborators.

Previous meeting reports: with the transition to the new system, some of the older Board meeting reports are missing from the website. Alex will retrieve them (getting back to the beginning of 2015 at least) and publish them on the News section to be easily accessible.

Financial reports: Vedran shared with the Board the 2015 financial statement and 2017 budget. The Board will review it, ask eventual modifications and then send it to the Assembly for approval.

WCh special meeting:  Board members will have an optional meeting on Sunday the 15th of January at 4pm UTC/GMT (5pm CET) to discuss the Roatan World Championship.

Board communication: each Board member will CC: in all AIDA related communication to increase awareness, cohesion and collaboration inside the Board.

Next Board meetings: the Board will meet the first Sunday of every month at 4pm UTC/GMT.

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