Skype board meeting – 05th April 2020

Published: 27/04/2020


- COSENTINO Marco (Head of safety)                    - MELIKHOV Oleg (Medical officer)

- CROSSLAND Brian (Education officer)                 - PEAN Philippe (Secretary)                       

- JEREMIC Sasa (Treasurer)                                 - RUSSU Alexandru (President)

- KOJIC Uros (Sport officer)                                 - SIDOROVA Olga (Competition supervisor)

- MADOUROS Kostas (Media Officer)                     - URSU Alexandru (IT Officer)


Meeting minutes :


  • Team-work : the team spirit and the team-work tools are 2 aspects that were identified as having a big potential of improving the efficiency of the Board work. In consequence, a team-building training and the deployment of Microsoft Teams package for non-profit organizations has been approved. Microsoft offered to AIDA a package of 25 Office365 licenses.


  • AIDA WCs organization by AIDA: Following the plan described in the President application and recently voted by the Assembly, the Board agreed to propose that AIDA organizes directly the AIDA WCs in order to ensure all rules are respected and to keep the participation cost low for the athletes. A change in rules is being prepared and it will be proposed to the Assembly vote together with the VP election in the second half of this month.


  • Yearly validation of the DC Committee: following a recent discussion in the AIDA assembly, the Board took note that it missed to send the DC for the yearly validation of the Assembly and planned to correct the mistake. A DC members application request will be sent-out in the next days and the Assembly vote will follow


  • VP application duration: Discussing the matter and the various feedback received from the Assembly, the VP Application will be opened for 2 weeks as the majority of the Nationals requested.


  • Burgas WC cancellation: The postponement to next year seems the best solution from the received feedback. The board will ask the assembly to vote whether they authorize the happening of two WCs for 2021, as it is in contradiction with AIDA competition rules


  • Rash guards & polos for judges and instructors. The clothes are ready at the supplier’s factory in UK. Given the current situation, they are OK to store them for the time being. Uros has proposed a warehouse location in Sofia to be the final storing location.

It has been decided that the rash guards would be given for free to all the judges who did not get one during their formation. (because of missing stock)


  • The Board discussed the creation of a Judge Committee to act as a supreme court in order to ensure consistency in the jury decisions around the world and Olga, the Judge Responsible, sent-in the first suggestions.


  • Admission of AIDA Egypt as a full member: A request for membership was sent by the group acting as AIDA observer for Egypt. Pending the correct documents being transmitted to the Secretary, the vote for AIDA Egypt will be included in the next voting session together with the PV and other vote items.


  • Following a previous project started by Carla, the AIDA Chief of Safety, Marco, has made propositions regarding the AIDA safety freediver courses. A work group will be created in order to studying the courses details to determine the final format that will be adopted by AIDA.


  • Judges promotions: Based on the fulfillment of the quantitative requirements and the proposal of the JR, the board approved the promotion of 10 judges



Current Level

New level


C depth

B depth

Jonathan CHONG


D pool

Francesca KOE 

D depth

C depth

Mayumi SASAI


D pool



D pool

Shelley GURNEY 


D pool



D pool

Dmitry ILIN


D pool



D pool + D depth


  • Coronavirus situation & judges active status: it has been proposed and accepted to postpone the expiration of the judge active status for those who have not judges an event for 3 years and are not able to attend a competition this year because of the virus situation. The extension period will be one year.


  • The 2020 budget has been discussed and reviewed, to be voted on next assembly voting session.




During a second part of the meeting, the extended board left and the executive board discussed these subjects:


  • List of questions to be asked to the AIDA lawyers, regarding the payment of sub-contractors & the legal issues with unregistered individuals.


  • To properly assess the extent of needs and find solutions, it was asked to the EC Officer to communicate to the board a list of open projects, people working on them and associated financials elements.



Written by : Philippe Péan

Reviewed by : Alexandru Russu


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