Assembly vote request for Board elections, Observer candidates and 2017 World Championship

Published: 01/12/2016

All AIDA members are requested to follow-up with their AIDA Nationals and participate to the votes for Board elections, Observer Members and 2017 World Championship until the 15th of December


I. Board positions

1) For the Vice President position we have the applications of Mario Zuzic and Petar Bojovic

2) For Sport Officer we have Uros Kojic, Timothy Oehmigen and Fran Rose

3) Vedran Milat renewed his application for the Treasurer position (only application received)

4) And for the Secretary Office the candidates are Yulia Maryevich and Alexandru Russu

 II. Candidates for Observer Members

5) AIDA Egypt 

6) and Cayman Freediving Association

III.  World Championship 2017

7) we have only one application for organising the next World Championship and it comes from Roatan Freediving School (Honduras)


To help you evaluate the candidates and to see the World Championship proposal you can contact your National and access all applications received by the AIDA Board. 



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